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Guardian Unlimited Podcasts

Manchester, England has given the world many things, including parts of the Industrial Revolution, their famous soccer team, and of course, the Guardian newspaper. The Guardian has distinguished itself over the years with its breadth of reporting, and they were also one of the first newspapers in the United Kingdom to offer podcasts. This website brings together all of their podcasts in one...
Society of Environmental Journalists

Global warming, climate change, and other related topics are all covered by environmental journalists. For those who seek to learn more about the profession (or for those who might already be involved in this world), the Society of Environmental Journalists website will be a most welcome discovery. The objective of the Society is "to build a stronger and more closely connected network of educated...
Nieman Watchdog

The Nieman Watchdog Journalism Project at Harvard University is concerned with helping "the press ask penetrating questions, critical questions, questions that matter, questions not yet asked about today's news." It's a very laudable mission, and for anyone concerned with these matters, their website will be one worth returning to numerous times. Along the top of the homepage, visitors can...
Religion Newswriters Association

Founded in 1949, the Religion Newswriters Association (RNA) works "to advance the professional standards of religion reporting in the secular press as well as to create a support network for religion reporters." Their site is a great place for current members of the RNA, but in many ways it's just as good for those who wish to cut their teeth in this important area of journalism. To start,...
Project for Excellence in Journalism: Analysis: Our Studies

The Pew Research Center's Project For Excellence takes a broad view of news coverage, and this website contains their timely and empirical research studies. Visitors will find that the reports can be viewed by date, media sector, industry trend, or by a combination of sector and trend. The reports provide in-depth answers to questions like "How has the Internet and mobile technology changed the...
The Media Institute

Created in 1979, The Media Institute exists to foster three goals: "freedom of speech, a competitive media and communications industry, and excellence in journalism." As part of their work, they publish books and monographs, convene conferences, and also prepare regulatory filings and court briefs. On their homepage, visitors can read their blog, and also look over their "Perspectives" series and...
Global Journalist

To experience the world of high quality reporting from North Korea, meditations on the state of journalism, and a wide range of other stories, direct your browser to the Global Journalist website. Originally created for the International Press Institute in 1995, the publication moved to the Missouri School of Journalism in 1999. Today, journalism students work with staff members to produce content...
Know More

Know More, from the Washington Post, is a fanciful and fascinating look at a whole range of topics. Each entry is a simple picture, line graph, bar graph, collage, map, or other visual representation of some complex phenomenon. Readers who are not interested in this particular iteration of information can click "no more" to make it disappear. When readers find themselves intrigued, they may click...
Nieman Journalism Lab

Journalists and journalism students of all stripes may be interested in the Nieman Journalism Lab, "an attempt to help journalism figure out its future in an Internet age." Established in 2008 by veteran journalist Joshua Benton, the Lab is part of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University, which was founded in 1938 to provide fellowship to innovative journalists, of whom Benton...
NewseumEd: Media Literacy Resources

Based in Arlington, Virginia, the NewseumEd is a museum dedicated to all things journalism. For educators and librarians, the NewseumEd hosts a wealth of materials related to media literacy, including interactive activities, lesson plans, case studies, printable posters, and more. Most of these materials are aimed toward middle school, high school, or university level students. In one 30-60 minute...
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