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Elementary Science Program Teacher Resources

The Elementary Science Program (ESP) Homepage is sponsored by BOCES, whose mission is to provide quality, cost-effective educational services in partnership with school districts and the community in a manner that supports excellence and equity for all learners. The site offers a number of good educational materials including the ESP Units, which contain links to over thirty subjects areas...
Science Matters

This Web site -- the online companion to the educational television series Science Matters produced by the University of California at San Diego -- is an excellent learning resource for middle and high school students. Focusing on new developments in the biological sciences, Science Matters currently features four programs: Biodiversity in California, Genetics of Flowering, Communication in Bees,...
Seventh International Carbon Dioxide Conference

Organized by NOAA's Climate Monitoring and Diagnostic Laboratory (CMDL), the Seventh International Carbon Dioxide Conference is planned September 25-30 in Broomfield, Colo. At this website, scientists involved in various aspects of the global carbon cycle, especially the current increases of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, are encouraged to attend. Users can read the preliminary announcement and...
Reactions in Chemistry

This Annenberg/CPB website offers a video workshop for high school chemistry and physical science teachers. After completing the free registration, users can gain insight on new, revolutionary approaches to teaching chemistry by viewing eight one-hour videos. The chemistry topics covered include Energetics and Dynamics, the Chemistry of Life, and Chemistry and the Environment. The workshops are a...
PSRC: Physical Sciences Resource Center

Developed by the American Association of Physics Teachers, "the Physical Sciences Resource Center (PSRC) is a web-based databank that provides K-20 teachers links to a wide range of teaching and learning resources in the physical sciences." Users can search the numerous resources by topics, type, or keyword. With each entry, the website provides a description, information on the author, subjects...
The Physical Sciences Resources Center (Last reviewed in the November 30, 1999 edition of the Scout Report)

Created as part of a collaborative effort by such organizations as the National Science Foundation and the American Association of Physics Teachers, the Physical Sciences Resource Center (PSRC) serves as a clearinghouse of information and resources for physical sciences education for grades K-20. Visitors to the site can browse the collection by topic, object type, or grade level, and may even...
Science & Health Education Partnership Lessons

Created and maintained by the fine folks at the University of California-San Francisco, the Science & Health Education Partnership (SEP) Lessons deserve to be well known by all science educators. The SEP was started in 1987, and represents a novel partnership between the university and the San Francisco Unified School District. The resources here are intended for use by K-12 students, but many of...
Physics Teacher Education Coalition

Created by staff members at the American Physical Society and the American Association of Physics Teachers, the Physics Teacher Education Coalition (PETC) is a network of institutions committed "to improving the education of future physics and physical science teachers." On the site, visitors can look through the Library area, which contains curricula, help for new teachers, information on teacher...
A Mathematical Way To Think About Biology

Created by David Liao, this site offers a way for scientists, educators and others to investigate biological systems using a physical sciences perspective. On the site, visitors will find video tutorials, classroom fact sheets, and a set of helpful illustrations. First up, is the section dedicated to providing resources for folks interested in pre-algebra, algebra, geometry and pre-calculus. Here...
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