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United States Department of Transportation: Briefing Room

The United States Department of Transportation's Briefing Room is a one-stop center for journalists, policy scholars, and members of the general public to obtain the latest news, multimedia, and other updates from this government agency. On the homepage, visitors can look over the Latest News, view the Featured Video, or look through the recent Speeches. Along the right-hand side of the home page,...
Transforming Cities With Transit

How are cities transformed by the creation of new transit lines? How can existing transit lines be modified to create new land use opportunities for housing and commercial properties? These subjects are covered by a 172-page conference edition of a forthcoming paper from the World Bank. The paper was authored by Hiroaki Suzuki, Robert Cervero, and Kanako Iuchi. Visitors will note that the work...
Connecting to Opportunity: Access to Jobs via Transit in the Washington, D.C. Region

The Brookings Institution works on a range of issues through their Metropolitan Policy Program, which has always been interested in transportation. In November 2012, program fellow Martha Ross finished this trenchant look at improving transportation connections within the D.C. region. The 41-page paper contains a number of interesting findings, including the observation that almost 90 percent of...
America 2050

Created as part of the Regional Plan Association (RPA), America 2050 is a coalition partner of Transportation For America. As the national infrastructure planning and policy program for the RPA, its goal is to provide consult and leadership on a broad range of transportation, sustainability, and economic development issues. Since its start in 2005, the RPA has published a range of influential...
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