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View Resource The Lab

The Lab is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's online gateway to science information. Visitors will find a daily science news service (with articles from Australia and around the world), special learning features such as the interesting exploring dinosaurs and fossils link, Karl's great moments in science section, various science games for kids of all ages, and more. As a layperson-friendly...
View Resource NASA: National Parks from Space

While many artists and photographs aim to get up close-up images of the national parks, NASA is able to offer a unique perspective by capturing national parks from space. In honor of the recent centennial of the U.S. National Park Service, NASA's Earth Observatory compiled this collection of "NASA's best images of national parks and other federal lands, along with stories of earth science in those...

View Resource, a geology informational Web site, is made available by middle school science teacher James M. Fausnaugh of Lakewood, Colorado. This collection of descriptions, illustrations, and photographs cover basic geology, mineralogy, geochemistry analogs and methods, naming strategraphic units, the geologic time scale, dinosaur facts, and much more. Anyone with little to moderate knowledge of...
View Resource Science Matters

This Web site -- the online companion to the educational television series Science Matters produced by the University of California at San Diego -- is an excellent learning resource for middle and high school students. Focusing on new developments in the biological sciences, Science Matters currently features four programs: Biodiversity in California, Genetics of Flowering, Communication in Bees,...
View Resource The Mineralogy Database

Created by petroleum geology consultant David Barthelmy, the Mineralogy Database Web site reportedly contains 4,281 individual minerals and descriptions. Visitors can browse the minerals by crystal system, by x-ray powder diffraction properties, by chemical composition, by the Dana system or the Strunz system, by physical and optical properties, alphabetically, and by mineral pictures. The large...
View Resource Alaska Science Forum

The Alaska Science Forum Web site is provided by the Geophysical Institute of the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The forum consists of articles written about various science subjects by scientists from the Geophysical Institute. Categories include the aurora, earthquakes, fun science facts, historic Alaska, mountains, rocks and geology, volcanoes, weather, and more. One of the latest articles, by...
View Resource Journal of South American Earth Sciences

The Journal of South American Earth Sciences is an interdisciplinary effort devoted to all aspects of research related to the earth sciences on that respective continent. The Journal of South American Earth Sciences accepts work concerning South America as well as adjacent regions of the Caribbean, Central America, and the Antarctic Peninsula.
View Resource Fundamentals of Physical Geography

Michael Pidwirny, an associate professor at Okanagan University College, produced this website to educate users about "the spatial characteristics of the various natural phenomenon that exist in Earth's hydrosphere, biosphere, atmosphere, and lithosphere." This online textbook includes ten chapters filled with illustrations, images, and animations. The website provides links to the glossary for...
View Resource Earth Science Picture of the Day

Administered by the Universities Space Research Association, this website features a new fantastic image, picture, graphic, or artwork everyday dealing with an aspect of earth science. Visitors can find information about the featured phenomenon in the caption and from provided links. Archives dating back to September 2000 include images of Hurricane Andrew, Typhoon Bilis, Aorounga Impact Crater,...
View Resource AGI: American Geological Institute

The American Geological Institute (AGI) created this website to promote its work dedicated to geoscientific services and outreach. The Information Services provides users with information on data repository systems and the GEoRef database. Students and educators can learn about professional development, conferences, scholarships, and more. The website provides action alerts, discussing key issues...
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