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View Resource Engineer's Edge: Solutions by Design

Engineer's Edge is a great reference for a wide variety of engineering, design, and manufacturing information. Most of the material is in the form of online calculators and equation charts, which save users time that would otherwise be spent flipping through books. Other resources such as part specifications (e.g., drill sizes, gauge charts) and material properties are also available. Interactive...
View Resource Metric Conversion Factors

Brought to the Web by Washington State Department of Transportation, the Metric Conversion Factors site contains a wealth of helpful physical science and engineering information. As you might guess, all sorts of conversion factors are presented, such as for area, force, hard conversions for construction materials, length, mass, pavement, pipe, plate, power, pressure or stress, reinforcing steel,...
View Resource Caltech Earthquake Engineering Research Laboratory Technical Reports

The California Institute of Technology Library System and the Earthquake Engineering Research Laboratory provides the Caltech Earthquake Engineering Research Laboratory Technical Reports Web site. Visitors will find access to technical reports by browsing the categorized sets from the Center for Research on the Prevention of Natural Disasters, Dynamics Laboratory, Earthquake Engineering Research...
View Resource Engineering Media Lab

The Engineering Media Lab at the University of Oklahoma (OU) is an outstanding resource for engineering students taking introductory courses in statics or dynamics. Although the database of homework and exam problems is only available to OU students, the most valuable materials are open to the general public. Online books and lectures guide users through concepts such as three-dimensional motion,...
View Resource Civil & Structural Online @ BCIT

The British Columbia Institute of Technology maintains this Web site, which contains "a combination of text and graphics to introduce the field of civil and structural engineering." Several examples of important modern and historical developments in these fields are cited. The latter category includes discussions about the Roman aqueducts and Galileo's insights into engineering mechanics, while...
View Resource Microengines: The Batteries of the Future

Researchers at the University of Birmingham School of Engineering have developed microengines, a breakthrough in nanotechnology that has the potential to eventually replace the conventional battery. This short video summarizes the characteristics and uses for this remarkable innovation. Microengines reportedly have "over 300 times more energy than an ordinary battery, and are much lighter and...
View Resource Young Engineers: Tomorrow's Ideas Today

This is the official homepage of Young Engineers, "a UK educational charity whose purpose is to inspire young people to recognise the importance and excitement of a career in engineering." Being tailored to British and other UK students, the site contains information on engineering competitions in the region, including coverage of past competitions and details on entering future events. Despite...
View Resource Stevens Institute of Technology Research Centers and Initiatives

This website describes the various research projects of faculty, students, professional staff, and visiting scientists at Stevens Institute of Technology. An array of interdisciplinary research initiatives and centers are described, such as the Center for Improved Engineering Science Education, the initiative on Cyber Security, the Center for Environmental Engineering (CEE), and the Nanoscale...
View Resource Engineering Research Centers (ERCs) Association

Sponsored by The National Science Foundation, the Engineering Research Centers (ERCs) conduct engineered systems-focused interdisciplinary research, linking universities across the United States with industry. The collaborative project exposes "prospective students (both graduate and undergraduate) to industrial views in order to build competence in engineering practice and to produce engineering...
View Resource University of Colorado at Boulder: Discovery Learning Center (DLC)

The University of Colorado at Boulder established the Engineering Center Complex in order to support Discovery Learning, a project in which "undergraduates work alongside graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, faculty, and industry representatives, as collaborative partners on original research." Summer research internships and other opportunities are also available for the K-12 community. The...
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