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Computer networks

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View Resource Networking Defined and Hyperlinked

Linktionary is an online dictionary of Internet technologies, networking hardware and protocols, and general Web terminology that "includes extensive links to help you further your network research and training." Users can perform keyword searches of Linktionary or browse the material via alphabetical indexes or topic listings. Most of the entries in Linktionary are explained in detail, and...
View Resource DiscoLab

Given the direction of current Internet computing, Discolab is a research group whose goal is to "harmonize the operating system with the evolving role of networking in various emerging network-centric systems, ranging from Internet servers to ubiquitous networks of embedded systems." DicsoLab explores ways to improve performance of network-centric systems through TCP Servers and Memory-Mapped...
View Resource The National Center for Supercomputing Applications

The National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) identifies as "a leader in defining the future's high-performance cyberinfrastructure for scientists, engineers, and society." Initiated as part of the National Science Foundation's Supercomputer Centers Program, NCSA now works with research centers across the U.S. to build cyberinfrastructure, tools, and applications for grid computing....
View Resource World Community Grid

Hosted by IBM, the World Community Grid is an ambitious public-computing network developed to bolster humanitarian research around the world. The Grid gains its power through a vast network of computers, all contributing small pieces to large research projects while they are idle. At present the Grid is supporting the Institute for Systems Biology's Human Proteome Folding Project, which will...
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