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The Physics Van Outreach Program

The Physics Van Outreach Program is a part of the University of Illinois Physics Department, whose Web site contains some good learning tools for kids. The question database is an accumulation of over 1000 physics related questions from kids and their corresponding answers. Visitors can browse the questions by date of entry or by subject, and can even search by keyword. The major subjects covered...
Light: A Learning Unit

A page on the General Electric Lighting Web site has four lessons about the history, technology, mathematics, and science of light. Mainly intended for elementary or middle school students, the material is divided into short articles, hands-on activities, and experiments. The lessons teach students how to identify different kinds of light bulbs, choose the most efficient bulb for different...
Handbook of Chemistry and Physics

CHEMnetBASE is an informational Web site provided by the chemical reference publisher Chapman & Hall / CRC. Although some resources on the site are for subscribers only, the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics is available to anyone. The Handbook contains a wealth of helpful information for researchers ranging from Constants and Units to Thermochemistry and Kinetics. These and many more subjects...
A Glossary of Frequently Misused or Misunderstood Physics Terms and Concepts

The Glossary of Frequently Misused or Misunderstood Physics Terms and Concepts is provided by Donald E. Simanek of Lock Haven University. The glossary is said to focus on those terms which give students particular difficulties in physics such as Avogadro's constant, centrifugal force, closed system, electricity, experimental error, kinetic energy, and many more. This simple site contains no...
The Contemporary Physics Education Project

The temporary Physics Education Project is a non-profit organization whose Web site contains materials that present "the current understanding of the fundamental nature of matter and energy, incorporating the major research findings of recent years." Some of the products that the project creates, including educational material and wall charts, are featured on this site with links to other...
Stuttgart-West: Physics of Racing Series is described as "the comprehensive internet source for automotive related information, where consumers can find information related to Autos, Boats, Trucks, Minivans, Motorcycles, RVs and Sport Utilities." Provided by the site and written by physicist Brian Beckman, the Physics of Racing Series offers an interesting look into the science behind racing and race cars. Visitors can read...
PhysLink: Physics & Astronomy Online "is a comprehensive physics and astronomy online education, research, and reference web site." The home page provides the latest news in physics and astronomy. Those looking for employment can visit the Physics Job Board. Students and educators will find the reference section valuable whether they need Nuclear and Particle Data or equations for physics and math. Anyone with questions...
NSF: Division of Physics

The homepage of the Division of Physics (PHY) at the National Science Foundation displays the department's activities in Atomic, Molecular, Optical, Plasma, Elementary Particle, Gravitational, and Nuclear Physics. A unit of the United States government, PHY has the major responsibility of ensuring the health of physics research and education in the country's colleges and universities. Scientists...
AAPT: American Association of Physics Teachers

American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) was founded in 1930 with the goal to ensure the "dissemination of knowledge of physics, particularly by way of teaching." Now with 11,000 members in 30 countries, this Web site displays all that AAPT has to offer. Visitors can learn about upcoming conferences, workshops and meetings. Teachers can learn innovative teaching methods, discover...
APS: The American Physical Society

This expansive website features the American Physical Society's (APS) work in advancing and diffusing the knowledge of physics. Visitors will find the latest APS news and releases such as the Report of the APS Study Group on Boost-Phase Intercept Systems for National Missile Defense. Teachers can learn about the APS's work in improving science education. The website features many programs and...
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