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View Resource UPM MIS: Museum Information System at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Since 1887, the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (UPM) has sponsored a number of extremely valuable archaeological expeditions to sites on every inhabited continent. With the significant financial generosity of the Mellon Foundation, the UPM has begun the Museum Information System project in order to make a good portion of these highly detailed archaeological field...
View Resource Archaeological Institute of America

Dedicated to promoting archaeological inquiry and public understanding of the material record of the human past around the world, the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) is North America's oldest and largest organization devoted to the world of archaeology. The AIA is a nonprofit group originally founded in 1879 and chartered by the United States Congress in 1906, with over 9000 members at...
View Resource Council for British Archaeology Online

Founded at the conclusion of World War II, the Council for British Archaeology (CBA) held as one of its original objectives the "safeguarding of all kinds of archaeological material and the strengthening of existing measures for the care of ancient and historic buildings, monuments, and antiquities." Since its inception, the CBA has continued its role as a trendsetter through its work in...
View Resource University of Southampton: Centre for the Archaeology of Human Origins

Hosted by the University of Southampton, this website presents the Centre for the Archaeology of Human Origins (CAHO). The CAHO website contains information about research projects, publications, and staff. The Research section links to basic information about research projects in the UK, Africa, and Europe. Publication lists, background information, and contacts are provided for CAHO academic...
View Resource Alexandria Archaeology Museum

The Alexandria Archaeology Museum created this website to promote its work with students, volunteers, citizens, and developers "to study and manage archaeological resources important to the community's past and to share this knowledge with both a local and world-wide audience." Subsequent to learning about the Museum's many endeavors to further its cause, users can find intriguing descriptions and...
View Resource National Geographic News

Every science enthusiast will find countless, fascinating stories at this National Geographic website. The news site covers stories related to adventure and exploration, archaeology and paleontology, kids' news, science and technology, people and culture, the environment, and travel. Users can discover Special Series which cover emerging explorers, oceans, the pulse of the planet, and so much...
View Resource Association for Environmental Archaeology

Founded in 1979 by a group of environmental archaeologists at the University of London, the Association for Environmental Archaeology (AEA) was established to provide a way for the diverse set of persons working across the discipline to communicate research findings and to develop a broad range of networks. Interested visitors to the site will want to learn about the AEA’s mission, their...
View Resource China Heritage Quarterly

Published under the direction of the China Heritage Project at Australian National University, the China Heritage Quarterly offers articles on all aspects of China's heritage. The Quarterly has been published since 2005, and each issue contains feature articles, reports on recent books and conferences, and news items on recent developments in archaeology and museology. Each issue has a theme, and...
View Resource Interactive Dig: El Carrizal

Located in south-central Veracruz state, the El Carrizal site in Mexico is one of the latest archaeological excavation sites profiled on the Archaeology magazine website. Offered as part of their "Interactive Dig" series, this particular dig started in 2009, and the team leading the work here includes dedicated archaeologists from Mexico and other parts of Latin America, and a clutch of local high...
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