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View Resource Colorado State University Cooperative Extension: Gardening & Horticulture

Hosted by Colorado State University Cooperative Extension, this website shares a wealth of resources about different aspects of gardening and horticulture. The site features sections on Integrated Pest Management, Trees, Vegetables, Flowers, and much more. The site also offers information on house plants, gardening with children, lawns, and xeriscape gardening. A site glossary is included as well,...
View Resource Cyndi's Catalog of Garden Catalogs

Are you looking for bulbs, beneficial garden insects, or that hard-to-find orchid variety? You are likely to find a source for what you seek at garden aficionado Cyndi Johnson's online Catalog of Garden Catalogs. From her many years of gardening and catalog collecting, Ms. Johnson has assembled a cornucopia of annotated links and listings for garden suppliers peddling Chrysanthemums, Roses, Trees,...
View Resource The Garden Helper

This informative online gardening resource was created by longtime gardener and former nursery owner Bill Beaurain. The website presents information addressing such topics as Gardening Basics, Creating New Gardens, Fruits and Vegetables, Annual and Perennial Plants, Shrubs and Trees, Bulbs, and more. Site visitors can also link to brief growing guidelines for a wide variety of plants listed by...
View Resource BBC Gardening

From the BBC, this gardening website shares a plethora of tips and information with gardeners. Site visitors can search for advice on a wide variety of topics, and consult a number of straightforward guides that address soil improvement, planting, propagation, pruning, houseplants, watering, and more. The site also offers profiles for popular plants, and a searchable database with information...
View Resource Junior Master Gardener

Junior Master Gardener (JMG) is an innovative national program that exposes young people to gardening, service learning, skill development, group learning, and more. The headquarters for the National JMG Program Office is at Texas A&M University, and, nationally, 28 universities implement the program at the state level. The JMG website provides information about starting and registering a JMG...
View Resource Ohio State University WebGarden

The large public state universities scattered around the United States continue to provide tremendously valuable outreach services through their numerous organizational units, and more and more of them offer their services via a panoply of websites. One such omnibus-style site is The Ohio State University's WebGarden. This site serves as a collection of fine online resources dedicated to providing...
View Resource Exploratorium: Science of Gardening

"Like all great endeavors gardening is both a science and an art", and this new feature from the Exploratorium uses video clips, interactives, photos, and articles to make this point in way that will appeal to visitors of all ages. For example, the interactive Garden Variety presents basic facts (vitals), information on seeds, and lore, for vegetables and fruits such as peas and carrots, corn,...
View Resource Colorado State University Extension

State university extension services have been helping farmers since the 1930s, as well as anyone who might need some help tending their gardens, canning vegetables, keeping a house in good repair, and a family in good health. Extension services still perform those functions, plus new ones. They have stepped up their knowledge of technology and reasserted their emphasis on conservation practices....
View Resource Cornell University Cooperative Extension

The Cornell Cooperative Extension program brings Cornell University's land-grant programs to citizens across the Empire State. This website is part of the Extension's rather impressive public outreach efforts. Clicking on the Program Areas tab allows visitors to learn about various thematic work on subjects like Agriculture and Food Systems and Community and Economic Vitality. Each of these areas...

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