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View Resource The Online Books Page

Hosted by the University of Pennsylvania Library, the Online Books Page Web site "facilitates access to books that are freely readable over the Internet...and aims to encourage the development of such online books, for the benefit and edification of all." The over 18,000 listings can be searched or browsed by author, title, and subject, of which every major physical science subject is represented....
View Resource Diffusion: An Online Publishing Imprint from Proboscis

Since the advent of the Internet, a number of artists and related organizations have become interested in utilizing the web to promulgate new forms of artistic creation and their subsequent dissemination. Supported by the Arts Council of England, these Diffusion eBooks are essentially pdf files that readers can download, print out and make into booklets. As the site suggests, "the Diffusion format...

The Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) has published this paper on e-book circulation. The study by Lynn Silipigni Connaway and Justin Littman is called "A Circulation Analysis Of Print Books And e-Books In An Academic Research Library." The study compared the usage of books available in both print and e-book format at the Duke University Libraries. They found that e-books received 11 percent...
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There are a number of places to get books online, but this recent addition to that cadre of websites is definitely worth a look. The staff members at have adapted the e-texts created by the Project Gutenberg DVD and placed them online in a host of formats, including pdf, eReader, and as Palm document files. Visitors can begin by browsing by author, title, category, or language. Some...
View Resource British Library: Virtual books

Within the British Library's Online Gallery exists a gem called Virtual Books. Here, readers will find a collection of great books that can be viewed online using the library's own award-winning "Turning the Pages" software. A great place to start is by scoping out the six works displayed on the landing page, which include selections from the great Indian epic, The Ramayana, draft scores of...

View Resource The "Mahdiyya" Qur'an

A number of institutions such as the British Library and the Library of Congress have made a sustained effort over the past few years to digitize important religious documents. These digitization projects are rather important to religious scholars and theologians, and many members of the web-browsing public will find them engaging and illuminating. The University of Leeds has been doing some of...
View Resource Project Gutenberg

Back in 1971, Michael Hart was given an operator's account with $100 million of computer time in it, courtesy of the operators of the Xerox Sigma V mainframe at the Materials Research Lab at the University of Illinois. He decided to give something back by creating electronic versions of different important documents, such as the Declaration of Independence. Thus, Project Gutenberg was born, and...
View Resource Pew Internet & American Life Project: The Rise of E-Reading

How many people are reading e-books? How often do they read them? These are but a few of the queries that animated this recent research study by a team of five staff members at the Pew Internet & American Life Project. The 68-page report was released in April 2012, and visitors can read the document in its entirety, or peruse the overview offered here. Based on their polling, the authors found...
View Resource The Open Utopia

"Does the world really need another edition of Thomas More's Utopia?" asks Stephen Duncombe, the editor of The Open Utopia. After all, Utopia has been in print almost continuously since first published in 1516 and available in digital version since 2012. The Open Utopia joins a community of other freely available online editions, such as the Gutenberg Project version, Oregon State University, or...

View Resource DPLA: Open Bookshelf

On June 21, 2018, the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) introduced Open Bookshelf, a one-stop shop for hundreds of e-books that are freely available online. This collection, which currently features over 1,000 books, includes titles that are in the public domain along with titles that are Creative Commons licensed. These titles are selected by the Curation Corps, a team of librarians from...

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