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View Resource eScholarship

The California Digital Library marked its third anniversary with the release of several major online projects. This project, eScholarship, will serve as both a home for new tools for creating online collections of scholarly work and as a repository for "eprints" produced using these tools.
View Resource Attributes of a Trusted Digital Repository: Meeting the Needs of Research Resources

In March 2000, Research Libraries Group and OCLC formed a collaboration to establish attributes of digital repositories for research institutions. These organizations sought to build on the work of the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) model and the 1996 report Preserving Digital Information: Report of the Task Force on Archiving of Digital Information (discussed in the June 14, 1996 Scout...
View Resource A Spectrum of Interoperability: The Site for Science Prototype for the NSDL

The National Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology Education Digital Library (NSDL) is the National Science Foundation's (NSF) ongoing effort to build a comprehensive science digital library. In this article (published in January 2002 D-Lib Magazine) the Cornell University team lead by William Arms describes the preliminary work done to develop a working model for NSDL. Note: For...
View Resource Components of an NSDL Architecture: Technical Scope and Functional Model

The National Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology Education Digital Library (NSDL) is the National Science Foundation's (NSF) ongoingeffort to build a comprehensive science digital library. This resource authored by David Fulker and Greg Janée (published in January 2002 arXiv Report) outlines the technical architecture for NSDL and defines the "technical scope and a functional model."...
View Resource Core Services in the Architecture of the National Digital Library for Science Education (NSDL)

The National Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology Education Digital Library (NSDL) is the National Science Foundation's (NSF) ongoingeffort to build a comprehensive science digital library." This resource by Carl Lagoze et al. describes the interoperability structure for this initial stage of NSDL's development. Issues of heterogenous metadata management in a central repository,...
View Resource Reports of the Surgeon General

The National Library of Medicine has provided this digital collection of Surgeon General Reports. Reports are listed both alphabetically and chronologically, and users can perform a search. Particularly useful is the Exhibit section, which includes various reports with brief background narratives, arranged by subject. This section also links directly to reports published after 2000.
View Resource OAlster

The description section of the OAIster Project offers a detailed introduction of the project and its primary objectives. Standing for Open Archives Initiative, OAIster is an ongoing, collective effort on the part of librarians and other information service professionals to increase access to Web-based resources not currently retrievable by existing search engines. While of critical interest to...
View Resource Whither Music IR Evaluation Infrastructure: Lessons to be Learned from TREC

Dr. Ellen Voorhees, of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, has submitted an online copy of her keynote paper for the Music Information Retrieval/Music Digital Library (MIR/MDL) evaluation workshop. This workshop presentation is a part of the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (held in Portland, Oregon July 14-18), and discusses background information of the Text REtrieval...
View Resource Summary Report of the Series on Joint NSF-EU Working Groups on Future Directions for Digital Libraries Research: October 12, 1998

The European Union and the National Science Foundation have been collaborating on a joint international project to identify future research directions and funding priorities for digital libraries. Five working groups were established to explore specific research areas: Intellectual Property and Economics, Global Resource Discovery, Interoperability, Metadata, and Multilingual Information Access....
View Resource The New Zealand Digital Library

This fine Website provides searchable access to a number of voluminous document collections from diverse sources around the world in the fields of history, humanitarian and global development, computer science, music, and literature. These databases are chock full of documents, reports, articles, bibliographies, periodicals, and audio/ video files. The Website's searching and browsing interfaces...
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