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World Development Report 2004

Recently released, this annual report on the state of world development (written by staff members at the World Bank) is an important document that adopts as its main thesis that broad improvements in human welfare around the globe will not occur unless "poor people receive wider access to affordable, better quality services in health, education, water, sanitation, and electricity." From this main...
Southern Rural Development Center

Since John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson declared war on rural poverty during their time in the White House, there has been an overriding concern with alleviating the persistently high levels of poverty in the American South. A number of organizations have developed to provide assistance to the region, and the Southern Rural Development Center (SRDC), located at Mississippi State University is one...
Microcredit Loans Continue to Improve the Lives of the Rural Poor

In 1976, Dr. Muhammad Yunus lent a small amount of money (approximately $27) to a group of 42 women near his home in the port city of Chittagong in Bangladesh. Out of this rather inauspicious beginning, the roots were planted for the Grameen Bank (Grameen means village in Bengali), an organization that has made over $4 billion in small loans to poor Bangladeshis in an effort to provide credit, or...
Center on Urban Poverty and Social Change

Located in Cleveland, it makes sense that Case Western Reserve University would have a dedicated research agenda to address questions of both urban poverty and social change and their interactions. In their work, the staff members of the Center on Urban Poverty and Social Change use the city of Cleveland itself as a study area, both to illuminate context-specific issues and challenges, as a...
Losing Ground: Income and Poverty in Upstate New York, 1980-2000

While there is a great deal of scholarly and informed analysis of the various public policy issues within the city of New York, there is much less coverage of the area of upstate New York. Stepping into that literature gap is this recent report from the Brookings Institution's Metropolitan Policy group. Released in September 2004, this 20-page report by Rolf Pendall and Susan Christopherson...
ACCION International

Part of the ongoing debate about the process of globalization throughout both the developed and developing world is that a good deal of the world's population continues to grow poorer and poorer while a number of international transnational corporations continue to increase their share of the world's assets. There have been a number of efforts to combat poverty in the developing world, including...
State of World Population 2004

Sponsored by the United Nations Population Fund, the State of World Population 2004 site contains a number of important resources for persons interested in long-range and current trends regarding the world's population. The report itself is 124 pages, and is divided into chapters that include "Population and the Environment" and "Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment". The report also contains...
Canadian International Development Agency

As concerns grow about assisting countries in the developing world in a way that is both meaningful and sustainable, it should not surprise Scout Report readers that the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) is Canada's federal agency that is charged with coordinating Canada's efforts to reduce poverty and "to contribute to a more secure, equitable and prosperous world." First-time...

Founded in 1937, the Plan organization was initially intended to provide food and education to the unfortunate children whose lives were disrupted by the trauma and horror of the Spanish Civil War. Almost 70 years later, Plan continues to provide much needed assistance to 45 countries around the world, primarily in the areas of education, housing, and cross-cultural learning. First-time visitors...
United Nations Millennium Development Goals

In the year 2000, all of the world's countries and all the world's leading development institutions signed on to a compact sponsored by the United Nations in order to assist the needs of the world's poorest people. This compact included eight primary development goals that would be met by 2015. Some of these goals included a significant reduction of child mortality and the promotion of gender...
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