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Endangered species

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View Resource Endangered Species

This week's Topic in Depth focuses on a variety of themes related to endangered species around the world. The first Web site from the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (1) includes a searchable database of threatened and endangered species worldwide. The World Wildlife Fund International Species Programme Web site (2) details biology, habitat, and threats to a...
View Resource Oklahoma Biological Survey

Associated with the state of Oklahoma and the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Oklahoma, this Web site provides a wealth of information on the flora, fauna, and ecological communities found throughout the state. The site offers a variety of databases and literature collections on a variety of subjects including rare species, woody plants, breeding birds, and much more. The site is...
View Resource Sea Otter Research and Conservation Program

This Web site from the Monterey Bay Aquarium presents users with a complete overview of its Sea Otter Research and Conservation Program. Visitors learn about the research conducted at the aquarium, and how it contributes to the conservation of the threatened southern sea otter. The site shows how stranded otters are rescued, rehabilitated, and released back into the bay. It also includes a variety...
View Resource Animal Info: Information on Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Mammals

Developed by Paul Massicot, this Web site provides a searchable database of information on rare, threatened, and endangered mammals from around the world. Users have a number of options for locating information, such as searching by species name (common or scientific) or browsing a list of common names grouped by category (e.g., monkeys). Once found, a species' page will contain a general profile...
View Resource ARKive

There is little more fascinating than the overwhelming variety of life on our planet. This variety is represented in dazzling detail by a team of wildlife photographers, filmmakers, conservationists, and scientists who have partnered with wildlife charity Wildscreen to create "an awe-inspiring record of life on Earth." Visitors to the site can browse a library of images, videos, and information...

View Resource Bagheera In the Wild: Classroom

This site is part a larger Bagheera website created by long-time journalist and conservationist Craig Kasnoff to educate people about, and support activism for, endangered species issues. The Classroom site features an Activities section which provides many short activity ideas under headings like Use Your Imagination, and Inquire, Analyze and Compare. In addition to general activities for...
View Resource Tigers in Crisis

This artful Tigers in Crisis website was produced by long-time journalist and conservationist Craig Kasnoff to educate people about tigers and the global factors threatening their survival as a species. The site provides information about the tiger crisis, their status in the wild, solutions, and more. Site visitors can also learn about three endangered tiger subspecies -- Bengal, Siberian, and...
View Resource Noted Environmentalist Urges Immediate Action to Save World’s Great Apes

The first link leads to a recent online news piece from the Independent Online, which is based in Zimbabwe. The second link leads to news coverage provided by the BBC, and offers some discussion about Richard Leakey’s proposed solution to the disappearance of Great Apes across the world. The third link will take visitors to the Great Apes Survival Project website (sponsored by the UN), where...
View Resource California State University - Stanislaus: Endangered Species Recovery Program

This website features the Endangered Species Recovery Program (ESRP), "a cooperative research program on biodiversity conservation in central California, administered by California State University, Stanislaus Foundation." In addition to their team of approximately 45 biologists, students, research associates, and support staff, ESRP collaborates with experts from governments and universities from...
View Resource NOAA Fisheries: Office of Protected Resources

Created as a part of the NOAA Fisheries department, the Office of Protected Resources manages programs and policies that protect the marine life found within the waters surrounding the United States. Of great interest to most visitors will be the sections where they may learn about the endangered species themselves. Here visitors can learn about the various species, and read reports to Congress on...
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