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View Resource Spaghettilearning 1.1

For anyone interested in the field of online education and its management, this internet e-learning platform will be of great interest. Developed in Italy (and available in both English and Italian), this platform allows teachers the ability to upload lessons, track students, offer tests, provide online forums, and post notes. The platform also comes with an auto-install feature and an...
View Resource Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration

While not a new concept at all, as some of its adherents would have people believe, distance learning continues to grow in a number of guises, from asynchronous online learning to various satellite and television linkups between disparate locales and in some cases, different hemispheres. Therefore it is not so surprising that an online journal would come into being that addresses the various...
View Resource The American Distance Education Consortium

Interest in distance education within institutions of higher learning dates as far back as the correspondence programs first offered by the University of Chicago and Columbia University in the late 19th century. There are a host of organizations currently involved in disseminating and promoting the cause of distance education, the American Distance Education Consortium (ADEC), is one of the most...
View Resource Science at a Distance: E-Learning Modules

Professor John Blamire has crafted this very fine set of online learning modules for students interested in learning about everything from the properties of proteins to Mendelian genetics. First-time visitors should take a look at the video introduction created by Professor Blamire. This introduction tells visitors about the layout of the site and the resources they will find here. Each of the...
View Resource The Digital Revolution and Higher Education

There's been quite a bit of debate about how technological innovation and distance learning are transforming higher education. This 29-page report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project takes a look at how adults generally view these changes, along with a specific focus on how college presidents view this ongoing transformation. This report by Kim Parker, Amanda Lenhart, and Kathleen Moore...
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