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Everyday Miracles: Medical Imagery in Ex-Votos

The relationship between faith and healing has engaged the minds of scholars, artists, and theologians for centuries. One physical manifestation of this area of human inquiry and concern has been the ex-voto, which is a devotional painting that gives thanks to a saint or deity for a miraculous healing or a blessing. This website was designed to accompany an exhibition at the National Library of...
Art Through Time: A Global View

The Annenberg Foundation, that giant of media and philanthropy, has a wonderful website that aims to "advance the Foundation's goal of encouraging the development of more effective ways to share ideas and knowledge." Available here are videos, along with companion web and print materials, to improve the teaching methods of K-12 teachers. One of the latest series is "Art through Time: A Global...
Art Through Time: A Global View

How do we understand art? What is the relationship between art and the society from which it comes? These are but a few of the questions explored by this fine thirteen-part series produced by the Annenberg Media group. The motivating principle behind the series is to explore "diverse cultural perspectives on shared human experiences." Visitors will note that each program has a theme, and visitors...
National Gallery: 30 Highlight Paintings

Where to start with a collection like that held by the National Gallery? It's a truly daunting challenge, but fortunately the curators there have done some of the hard work already. This remarkable offering brings together 30 of their finest works, including Vermeer's "A Young Woman standing at a Virginal," Titian's "Bacchus and Ariadne," and Van Gogh's "Sunflowers." Visitors can click on each...
Glassmaking in Roman Times

As Pliny the Elder wrote in "Natural History": "And so we must now proceed to explain also the nature of glass..." Taking its cue from that immortal line, this interactive exhibit from the Penn Museum explores the history of glassworking through the six centuries of Roman domination of the Mediterranean world. Through photographs and diagrams, this website tells the story of glassware in everyday...
Figge Art Museum Grant Wood Digital Collection

Grant Wood is best known for his painting "American Gothic," but what of his other works? There are many, of course, and this remarkable digital collection from the University of Iowa Libraries presents a trove of visual material, scrapbooks, and other material objects from his life and career. The materials here come from the Figge Art Museum in Davenport, Iowa, and funding for the digital...
Gothic Grandeur: Manuscript Illumination, 1200-1350

The J. Paul Getty Museum came up with a clever idea for exhibiting fragile, light-sensitive, illuminated manuscripts: a two-part exhibition. The show goes up, and pages of the manuscripts are turned on a specific date to revel new images. In this case, the show started in December 2011, and pages were turned on February 28, 2012. The advantage of the web version of the show is that visitors can...
Robert Venn Carr Jr. Collection

The Robert Venn Carr Jr. Collection at the University of Maine's Museum of Art is particularly strong in paintings, prints, and other 2D items. The Museum was established in 1946 and all told it contains over 6,000 items. Visitors to this site can browse around by style or by a list of artists. Each item contains information about its materials, the year of creation, and its dimensions. The style...
The Brummer Gallery Records

The Brummer brothers, Joseph and Ernest, were art dealers with galleries in New York and Paris who collected decorative arts from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Pre-Columbian America, and the Baroque period. After Ernest's death in 1964, his widow, Ella Bache Brummer, donated The Brummer Gallery records to the Metropolitan Museum of Art which has made this digitized collection available. The...
Digital Art Museum

The Digital Art Museum (DAM) is an "online resource for the history and practice of digital fine art.” On this dynamic site, visitors can look over sections that include Artists, Exhibitions, and Timelines. First-time visitors should start with the Featured Artist section to explore a new contemporary artist every week. Moving along, News for You presents information about upcoming art exhibits...
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