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View Resource SurveyLA: Los Angeles Historic Resources Survey

If you mention "historic preservation" and "Los Angeles" in the same sentence, some people might raise their eyebrows. The City of Angeles has constantly reinvented itself during its relatively brief existence, and much of the city's urban fabric has been chewed up by bulldozers and ambitious developers over the past several decades. However, the J. Paul Getty Trust is providing financial backing...
View Resource Urban Design Compendium

What qualifies as good urban design? It's an important (and thorny) question, and one that's important to the staff members at the English Partnerships organizations. They've created this website to serve as a clearinghouse for high-quality information on what constitutes good urban design. First-time visitors should click on over to the "Urban Design Principles" area. Here they will find a...
View Resource The Cities Alliance

Sponsored by the World Bank and other organizations, the Cities Alliance is "a global coalition of cities and their development partners committed to scaling up successful approaches to poverty reduction." The "News" area is front and center on their homepage and it provides a fine overview of their work, which ranges from concerted efforts to upgrade slums in the developing world, developing...
View Resource City of Cambridge: CityViewer

What is the best way to experience the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts? You could read a history of Harvard University, take a walking tour, or perhaps browse a topical website. But why not look at the Cambridge CityViewer for edification? This unique tool "allows the public to view, query, mark up, and print custom maps using only a web browser." Notedly, the viewer works best with Internet...

View Resource Council for Canadian Urbanism

As the About section on the Council for Canadian Urbanism proclaims: "Canada is a big country, a very big country." The Council is committed to examining, discussing, and transforming the built environment of this big country through its work. Accordingly, this work strives to connect urbanists across Canada and from its homepage, visitors can learn about the council's recent efforts. There are a...

View Resource Urban Problems: Methods and Techniques in Urban Engineering

Cities around the world run into a range of burdensome difficulties, from dwelling deficits to infrastructure problems to inefficient services to environmental pollution. The field of Urban Engineering attempts to address these complications with cost-effective and implementable strategies. This open access book outlines solutions related to urban automation, geographic information systems (GIS),...

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