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Robotic Pets in Online Discussion

Pet owners traditionally develop an emotional bond with their pets. However, in this unusual study from the University of Washington, researchers attempted to ascertain whether similar feelings can be evoked from Sony's robotic dog AIBO. The study's methodology involved analyzing "people's conceptions of AIBO through their spontaneous postings that occurred in 3 well-established online AIBO...
Monitor on Psychology

Published eleven times a year by the American Psychological Association, the Monitor on Psychology contains a number of helpful pieces for those persons interested in the broad field of psychology, and for those who may be thinking about going into the field as well. Each month features a number of helpful features, including a commentary from the APA's president, an update on psychology and...
American Psychological Association

The American Psychological Association (APA) is the primary professional organization that represents the interests of a wide variety of psychology professionals, including those working in the fields of clinical, behavioral, and experimental psychology. There's a great deal of interest for both professional psychologists and students of psychology here, including the popular "Monitor on...
AllPsych Online: The Virtual Psychology Classroom

For instructors or students looking for material on many aspects of psychology, the AllPsych Online site may prove to be indispensable. The site was started in 1999, and it contains eight primary sections which cover everything from classic psychology studies to an extensive reference area. First-time visitors may wish to start by looking through the "Reference" area, which features an expanded...
Introduction to Psychology

Psychology is a vast and complex area of inquiry, and students entering the field may be confounded by the number of subfields within the discipline. Professor Russell A. Dewey of Georgia Southern University has created this fine online introductory textbook that covers everything from states of consciousness to social psychology. The online text includes sixteen chapters, and each chapter...
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