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View Resource MacResponder 1.0

With summer in full swing, many individuals may be concerned about their ability to respond to emails while on vacation. For those persons, MacResponder 1.0 may be a handy and useful application. Fully customizable, MacResponder is an automated email responder that works with multiple email accounts and also features rule-based settings to customize what is sent. MacResponder 1.0 is compatible...
View Resource RoboForm 5.1.4

RoboForm 5.1.4 is an application that serves as a password manager and a one-click Web form filler. RoboForm has a variety of useful features, including its ability to generate Secure Random Passwords, the encryption of passwords, and the synchronization of passwords to a Palm device. Additionally, RoboForm contains no adware, and is available as an add-on to such popular browsers as Internet...
View Resource Indie Toolbar 2.0

Developed by Alexander Wilson, this handy little application allows users to create a customizable standalone internet toolbar. This latest version also contains a host of new icons, bringing the total that may be used to over 300. The icons themselves are divided into a number of different themes such as those related to Macs, and those representing the Web sites of different nonprofit...
View Resource Network Probe 0.5

Network Probe 0.5 is a free network monitor and protocol analyzer that offers users an immediate picture of the current traffic situation on their network. Network Probe 0.5 also gives users the option to identify and isolate traffic problems and congestion throughout their entire network. Adding breadth and depth to the available features is the fact that users may also filter out selected...
View Resource Nisus Thesaurus 1.0.3

While many applications feature a dictionary, this latest application will come in handy for those who have been searching for a quality thesaurus to add to their bevy of computer tools. Nisus Thesaurus can be used in any services enabled application and it contains over 120,000 words and a built-in glossary. Even better is the fact that when users look for any given word, the Nisus Thesaurus will...
View Resource WebAssistant - Proxy Offline Browser

Web Assistant Private 2004 gives users the ability to archive all websites of note offline, something that will come in handy for those looking to peruse any number of websites when they are unavailable to connect to the Internet. Some of the features of the application include a hierarchical archive structure that represents a mirror of every website, topic-specific archiving of webpages, and the...
View Resource Primedius Total Privacy & Security 5.34

Primedius 5.34 is a application that enables wholly anonymous file-sharing, websurfing, chatting, and online messaging. The program contains an anti-blocking system and also contains a cleaner which removes all history and online traces for complete anonymity. The application also works with and inside corporate networks, firewalls and proxy servers. Finally, the program also comes with unlimited...
View Resource Photo2Album Free Edition 8.03

From those who have yet to compile a set of photographs from the holiday season, this nice application may be just the tool for teh job. This edition of Photo2Album allows users to create email-sized photo albums with ease. This free edition does come with some restrictions, primarily that only five pages can be created within each album, and only three sets of email-sized photo albums can be...
View Resource TransLucy 1.0.1

For users looking for a novel program that allows them to watch DVDs on their computers while working on other applications, Trans Lucy 1.0.1 may be just the thing. The application lets users float the video display above other applications, effectively allowing them to make the video display translucent. It should be noted that the application can only work with computers that have video cards...
View Resource Heated Debates Over Open Source Software

Open source code has allowed for the proliferation of open source software that competes with the big guns of software development, like Microsoft. Tempers run high, with the key issues focused on differing philosophies on the best business model to use and disputes over copyright, leading to lawsuits and heated online discussions. This issue of Topic in Depth provides an overview of open source...
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