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View Resource Mostly Medieval: Exploring the Middle Ages

After researching and writing a novel set in 13th century Scotland, Susan Wallace decided to develop a Web site that would contain information about heraldry, myths, religion, and medicine during the Middle Ages. The site is divided into seven thematic areas, including "Ballads," "Beasties," "Heraldry," and "Medicine." In the "Ballads" section, visitors can read a complete text version (or...

View Resource BBC: Civilisations

The rise and fall of civilizations over the history of humankind is a difficult thing to accurately depict in graphic form, but this BBC online presentation is a wholly engrossing way to look at the transformation and dissemination of religions and ideologies. Guided by the presence of a virtual ant that weaves its way across the introductory screen, the screen displays a metaphorical phrase from...
View Resource Florilegium Urbanum

The term florilegium refers to a compilation of excerpts from other writings, and is used on this website to refer to this ongoing online project, developed by Stephen Alsford, which provides "a considered selection of primary source texts illustrative of various aspects of medieval urban life, and to present those texts in modern English." The introduction to the site provides detailed...
View Resource NetSerf

Created by Professor Andrea Harbin in 1995, NetSerf is a way for websurfers and dedicated medievalists to find out about various online resources that deal with many aspects of the medieval world. Over the past eleven years, the site has grown significantly, and first-time visitors will want to browse through the subject headings on the site’s homepage to get a sense of the wide range of material...
View Resource Mostly Medieval: Exploring the Middle Ages

Mostly Medieval accurately describes this webpage, and it's a rather fine potpourri of information related to the Middle Ages. The site was created by Susan Wallace as the result of a research for a novel set in 13th century Scotland. Visitors can make their way through sections such as "Ballads," "Beasties," "Book of Days," "God and War," and "Heraldry." The "Ballads" area is a nice place to...
View Resource Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilizations

Created at Harvard University, the Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilization (DARMC) makes the best available materials for a geographic information systems (GIS) approach to mapping and spatial analysis of the Roman and medieval worlds. The DARMC draws on the cartographic achievements of previous researchers, including the "Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World" by Richard J.A....

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