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View Resource Math-Kitecture

Math-Kitecture, designed by Charles Bender, "is about using Architecture to do Math (and vice versa)." The author provides suggested activities that engage students in doing real-life architecture while learning estimation, measuring skills, proportion, and ratios. The main activity is for students to hand-draft a floor plan of their classroom to scale and then use software to create a...
View Resource Architect Magazine

There are a number of publications that deal with architecture and its related professions, such as interior design and landscape architecture, and Architect Magazine is one such publication. With a strong web presence, the magazine offers persons searching the web a selection of materials from the current issue, along with valuable material on professional development programs and information...
View Resource Harvard Design Magazine

As the originator of the first formal programs in both city and regional planning and urban design in North America, it is fitting that Harvard University's Design School should play host to the fine Harvard Design Magazine. Published bi-annually since 1997, each issue contains thoughtful and provocative pieces that range from book reviews, the practice of architects and planners, to current...
View Resource Big Box Reuse

By now, the story is a familiar one, particularly for small towns and various exurban areas: A major retailer constructs what is referred to as a "big box" commercial building, and subsequently closes up shop several years later. While there is often a great public hue and cry over the construction of such buildings, few people have looked into what happens to these structures after they are...
View Resource Worldview

With generous support from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts, the Architectural League of New York has created this Web-based project with the purpose of offering a range of well-organized materials and information on what is new and interesting in urbanism and architecture from different cities around the world. Currently the site...
View Resource Houses of the Future

If one were to showcase new housing technologies and innovative designs in Australia, it wouldn't be a bad idea to place such an exhibit next to one of the most instantly recognizable structures in the world. Well, that is precisely what the Australian government (in collaboration with private industry groups) did when they placed this remarkable "Houses of the Future" exhibition next to the...
View Resource Berkeley Institute of Design

The Berkeley Institute of Design (BID) conducts research and educational activities that emphasize an interdisciplinary approach to designing interactive environments. Under the topic of "environments," the website includes "architectural spaces, products, web sites, and other artifacts that support complex human activity." Given the current "era of ubiquitous technologies," the organization's...
View Resource American Institute of Architects

Founded in 1857, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) has served as the primary professional organization for architects for close to 150 years, and is perhaps best known to the general public for its annual architectural and design awards. On the website, visitors can learn about the career opportunities for those interested in becoming an architect and read about various outreach efforts...
View Resource Sacred Geometry

The material on this website is used for a course taught at Dartmouth University called, Geometry in Art and Architecture. The website presents several images of "polygons, tilings & sacred geometry" along with descriptions of the geometric patterns. Although the text is obviously written for students who follow a particular course and hasn't been updated since 2002, the author provides some...
View Resource A Virtual Look at the Works of Frank Lloyd Wright

In many ways, Frank Lloyd Wright was the "Master Builder" archetype par excellence. His iconic and instantly recognizable architectural style continues to influence designers today and his persona was far beyond the common phrase "larger than life", as he suffered no fools and did he what pleased in most aspects of his professional and personal life. The first site offers a nice look into some of...
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