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Caltech Archives Oral History Project

The Caltech Archives Oral History Project "began in 1978 for the purpose of recording the personal memoirs of the distinguished scientists, teachers and administrators of the Institute." The archive currently includes about 170 interviews, for many of which transcipts are provided. The Online project makes selected interviews available to the public in digital form. Approximately 40 interviews,...
Historyworld: History and Timelines

One million words of history can seem a bit daunting, but not when it is divided into 300 narratives and 10,000 events. That's the basic format of the Historyworld site, which was created by Bamber Gascoigne. The narratives are all linked together, and visitors will find that the homepage rotates through different selections, including the history of painting and the history of Andean...
Wonders & Marvels

Aside from its status as an online emporium of historical curiosities and captivating tales, Wonders & Marvels boasts an alluring backstory. It all started in 2008, when Vanderbilt University Professor Holly Tucker mocked up a site on Blogger so her students could post their musings about a course she was teaching on the history of medicine. One thing led to another, and eventually a full-fledged...
Stuff You Missed in History Class

Stuff You Missed in History Class is a delightful podcast by Tracy V. Wilson and Holly Frey that explores the kinds of historical tidbits that one can break out at cocktail parties. Wilson and Frey, who are both part of the How Stuff Works podcast team, have a knack for exploring all historical subjects - including the obscure, the serious, the moving, and the scatological - in engaging, thirty-...
Stuff to Blow Your Mind

Stuff to Blow Your Mind is a science podcast from How Stuff Works that "examines neurological quandaries, cosmic mysteries, evolutionary marvels, and the technological underpinnings of our transhuman future." Episodes typically run an hour or so in length and focus on one of a wide-ranging variety of topics, which site visitors can browse via the lengthy list on the left. While this podcast's...
Reviews in History

History professors, students, and general aficionados will likely appreciate Reviews in History, a publication of the Institute of Historical Research at the University of London. Launched in 1996, Reviews in History publishes in-depth "reviews and reappraisals of significant work in all fields of historical interest." At the time of this writing, Reviews in History has published over 2,300...
The Past & the Curious

Teachers, parents, and kids, as well as anyone who enjoys learning about history, may want to check out The Past and the Curious. Launched in 2016, this entertaining and educational podcast is the brainchild of its host and producer Mick Sullivan, a musician by training who works at the Frazier History Museum in Louisville, Kentucky, as the Manager of Youth and Family Programs. The Past and the...
The Humanity Archive

Driven by the principles to "seek, educate, and serve," The Humanity Archive uses engaging mediums "to explore history critically and look at all the tragedies and triumphs of humanity." This is accomplished through articles, podcast episodes, and additional content. Jermaine Fowler, an educator and historian, hosts the podcast, which "explores society, culture, biographies, and politics through...
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