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Love is an engine for creating two dimensional video games using the Lua programming language. It is permissively licensed, meaning that it can be used free of charge for any purpose (including developing commercial applications). The Examples section on the front page of the website gives a flavor of Love development by presenting snippets to display text, show an image, and play a sound. On the...

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Csvkit is a toolbox of command-line utilities for manipulating data in CSV format, which the csvkit authors describe as "the king of tabular data." It includes tools to ingest data from a variety of sources in several formats and generate well-formatted CSVs, tools to filter and subset data stored in CSV files, tools to produce summary statistics of a CSV file, and tools to export CSV data into...

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Readers interested in multi-media storytelling and its uses in science journalism may enjoy Scum, a 2017 story from reporter Tony Bartelme and a team of photographers and web developers at the Pulitzer-Prize winning publication The Post and Courier. Scum explores "colonies of fast-growing algae and bacteria" that created a nation-wide crisis. The interactive module takes readers on a journey that...

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Science writing can feature complex terminology that may put off ordinary readers. Make sure your writing is accessible and universal with the De-Jargonizer, "an automated jargon identification program aimed at helping scientists and science communication trainers improve and adapt vocabulary use for a variety of audiences." Users have the option of copying and pasting the text they want analyzed...

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View Resource Scheherazade Speaks Science

Dive into "inspiring stories about space and science," with Scheherazade Speaks Science. This publication was founded by astrophysicist Ghina M. Halabi, who recognized that "the world needs science and science needs more women." The site gets its name from the story of Scheherazade, a character from the book of Islamic Golden Age folktales One Thousand and One Nights, who uses storytelling as a...

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