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View Resource Teachers of Evidence-Based Health Care

Health care educators, students, and professionals in search of teaching and learning materials may be interested in Teachers of Evidence-Based Health Care. Launched in October 2018, this project offers visitors a large open-access database of educational materials, which it refers to as the Critical Appraisal Resources Library (CARL) database. Visitors can easily search the database from the main...

View Resource Quack Cures and Self-Remedies: Patent Medicine

While modern medical research methods and health treatments have generally improved as our understanding of the human body has increased, some purported remedies have been less than helpful. Those interested in the history of this era of pseudo-medicine should check out Quack Cures and Self-Remedies: Patent Medicine, an exhibition from the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). The exhibition...

View Resource Firepad

Firepad is a JavaScript library that provides a collaborative, real-time text editing widget. It can be used both for editing rich text documents (similar to Google Docs) and for editing source code. As with Google Docs, each user actively editing a document gets a cursor and a list of currently connected users is provided. Additionally, in Firepad text can be attributed to the user that entered...

View Resource Get in My Body: Drug Delivery

TeachEngineering offers educators a rich library of standards-aligned teaching materials on a wide variety of STEM topics. The biomedical science lesson plan Get in My Body, contributed by the University of Houston, was created for upper-level high school students and may also be of interest to college instructors. In this lesson, which is estimated to take about 30 minutes, "students are...

View Resource Wing IDE

Wing is an Integrated Development Environment designed specifically for Python development. It comes in three flavors: Wing 101, a simplified, free version designed for novice programmers; Wing Personal, a free version for students and hobbyists; and Wing Pro, a commercial version for professional programmers. All three versions include an integrated debugger. The Wing Personal version adds a...