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View Resource Magic Wormhole

Magic Wormhole is a command-line tool for moving arbitrarily sized files or folders from one computer to another securely, without storing them on an intermediate server (e.g. Dropbox). It is designed primarily for situations where two users are already talking and need to exchange a file. To use Magic Wormhole, a sender issues a command like `wormhole send FILE` and is given a "wormhole code"...

View Resource Interactive Geology Project

Based at the University of Colorado Boulder, the Interactive Geology Project offers visitors dozens of fascinating 3D animated videos that "illustrate basic principles of geology in entertaining and accessible ways." Several videos are highlighted on the main page, and the Video Library provides access to all of the project's content. This includes A Brief History of Colorado Through Time, a...

View Resource The Geological Society: The Rock Cycle

Educators, students, and anyone interested in brushing up their earth science knowledge may want to check out this resource on the rock cycle created by the Geological Society of London. The main page features a colorful diagram showing an overview of the rock cycle with clickable labels leading to explanations of the cycle's various processes (e.g. weathering, sediment deposition, uplift), with...

View Resource Art Detective

The UK National Gallery presents the Art Detective website, with a mission to increase the visibility of public art collections in the United Kingdom by connecting "public art collections with specialists and members of the public." Before exploring the site's rich offerings, users should check out the Art Detective Collections Guide, accessible under the For Collections tab. This downloadable PDF...

View Resource Standard Ebooks

While free public domain books can be readily downloaded from resources like Project Gutenberg and the Internet Archive, those wishing to read these finds on an e-reader or mobile device may be somewhat frustrated by their formatting or mistakes in transcription. This sentiment is the inspiration behind Standard Ebooks, "a volunteer driven, not-for-profit effort to produce a collection of high...