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View Resource Modernist Podcast

Those interested in early twentieth-century modernity, particularly in the form of art, culture, and literature, may want to give the Modernist Podcast a listen. Each episode features a panel discussion that focuses on a particular aspect of modernity--examples of previous episode topics include modernism and race (Ep. 6), the politics of modernism (Ep. 11), and mapping modernism (Ep. 15)....

View Resource Franz

Franz is a multi-protocol, unified messaging solution that allows users to access all their chat and messaging services with a single application. It currently supports Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, Skype, and numerous other services. Within each individual service, Franz supports an unlimited number of separate accounts. Per their website: "you could even use five...

View Resource The Pudding: The Birthday Paradox

How many people do you need to gather in order to find two individuals with the same birthday? Most people who asked this question tend to answer with a number that is much too high. The phenomenon is known as the "birthday paradox." Russell Goldenberg of The Pudding has created this interactive experiment designed to help visitors understand the math behind the birthday paradox. In this...

View Resource Global Chaucers

Best known for The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer's literary and cultural influence has spread far beyond the borders of his native England, but there has historically been little scholarship examining his influence on the non-Anglophone world. To remedy this, Candace Barrington of Central Connecticut State University and Jonathan Hsy of George Washington University have spearheaded Global...

View Resource Mapping Islamophobia

Mapping Islamophobia is a project headed by Grinnell College history and religious studies professor Caleb Elfenbein, with contributions from a number of Grinnell College students and technical support from Mike Conner. The project utilizes a series of powerful interactive maps that document incidents of violence, discrimination, and bias targeting Muslim individuals and communities in the United...