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View Resource National Geographic: Photo Ark

The National Geographic Photo Ark offers readers a stunning collection of animal portrait photography featuring thousands of species from around the world. The Photo Ark is a project founded in 2005 by veteran National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore. It aims to "document every species living in zoos and wildlife sanctuaries," many of which are threatened or endangered in the wild, with the...

View Resource Viewpoints: Body Language

The Body Language digital exhibit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art features commentary from assorted experts, curators, dancers, and choreographers, all of whom provide insight into understanding how sculpture communicates. The exhibit uses 20 works from three museum departments: European Sculpture and Decorative Arts, Medieval Art, and the American Wing. For example, a video commentary on...

View Resource The American Civil War Museum: Educator Resources

Located in Richmond, Virginia, the American Civil War Museum (ACWM) was formed when its predecessors, the American Civil War Center and the Museum of the Confederacy, merged into a single institution that opened in early May 2019. The mission of this new museum is "to be the preeminent center for the exploration of the American Civil War and its legacies from multiple perspectives: Union and...

View Resource Flash Forward Podcast

Readers curious about the science behind science fiction may want to give the Flash Forward podcast a listen. This podcast's tagline is "possible & not so possible futures," and that's exactly what listeners will find. Each episode offers an in-depth exploration of a different future scenario. Some of these are extremely speculative, such as what would happen if space pirates suddenly dragged a...

View Resource Web Accessibility by Google

The practice of making sure that websites and digital tools are accessible for all users including those with disabilities is important, but developers new to thinking about accessibility may need a helping hand to get started. This free online course provided by Google on the Udacity platform offers just that. This course begins its six self-paced lessons by explaining "when and why users need...