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View Resource Jackson Crawford's Old Norse Channel

Readers curious to learn about the Old Norse language and Scandinavian mythology would do well to pay Dr. Jackson Crawford's YouTube channel a visit. Crawford is an instructor of Nordic Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder and the coordinator of their Nordic program, and he has also translated The Poetic Edda and The Saga of the Volsungs into English. His YouTube channel features hundreds...

View Resource Birds of North America

Bird-watching is an excellent way to get outside and appreciate nature's biodiversity, even if you live in an urban area. For those who need convincing, the video series Birds of North America offers an engaging introduction into this exciting pastime. This series was launched in March, 2019 and is hosted by Jason Ward, a Bronx, New York native who now lives in Atlanta. Ward brings a contagious...

View Resource The Mental Illness Happy Hour

The Mental Illness Happy Hour is a long-running weekly podcast hosted by stand-up comedian Paul Gilmartin, former host of the TBS series Dinner and a Movie. Gilmartin started the podcast in 2011 when he realized that, despite his years of experience as a therapy patient, his depression had unexpectedly returned. Since then, the Mental Illness Happy Hour has grown into an acclaimed and cherished...

View Resource The State of Mental Health in America

The nonprofit organization Mental Health America (formerly known as the National Mental Health Association; see the 1-20-2006 Scout Report) has produced annual reports on the State of Mental Health in America since 2015. These reports compile publicly available data across all fifty states and the District of Columbia. Among their diverse goals, these reports aim to "provide a snapshot of mental...

View Resource Wellcome Library Digital Collections: Mental healthcare

Readers interested in the history of mental health care may want to check out this large collection of archival material that has been digitized and made publicly available by the Wellcome Library in London. These archives, which total more than 800,000 pages of material, date from the 18th to 20th centuries and consist of documents "relating to psychiatric institutions, mental health...