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View Resource Life Noggin

Animation fans and educators may appreciate Life Noggin, a YouTube channel that uses short 2D animated videos to answer questions and offer explanations on scientific topics. In a style reminiscent of brightly colored 8-bit video games, Life Noggin bills itself as "an animated and educational web show designed to teach you all about your awesome life and the brain that makes you able to live it."...

View Resource Wearing Gay History

Readers interested in queer history and culture may enjoy Wearing Gay History, "a digital archive of historical LGBT t-shirts." Visitors will find digitized collections featuring hundreds of t-shirts from LGBT archives across the US, (e.g. the Chris Gonzalez Library and Archives in Indianapolis) and some international archives (such as Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action in Johannesburg, South...

View Resource State of the World's Fungi 2018

State of the World's Fungi is the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens 2018 follow up to their award-winning State of the World's Plants website from last year. As this resource notes, the report is "the first of its kind outlining the state of the world's fungi, [...] highlight[ing] just how important fungi are to all life on Earth." The report and interactive website are organized into ten chapters, each...

View Resource First Days Project

Launched in 2013, the First Days Project is a community-based digital archive that collects and shares "stories of immigrants' first experiences in the United States." Here, readers will find over four hundred personal accounts of immigrants, refugees, and tourists from all over the world sharing memories of the beginnings of their experiences in the US as written stories, oral histories, and...

View Resource The Authorial London Project

From Stanford University comes Authorial London, a fascinating resource that is about "compiling and mapping references to London places found in the works and biographies of writers who have lived there." Here, readers may explore the literary geography of approximately 1,600 London place references in almost 200 works by 47 authors. The project features an interactive map with several base maps...