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View Resource Overlooked: Black History Month

Over the past year, The New York Times has been publishing obituaries for women of historical importance whose deaths the newspaper had neglected to commemorate. This project, entitled Overlooked (featured in the 3-16-2018 Scout Report), recently added a special edition in honor of Black History Month. This collection, published on January 31, 2019, "highlights a prominent group of black men and...

View Resource TeachEngineering: Riding the Radio Waves

STEM educators looking for an engaging way to introduce students to radio's engineering aspects may be interested in Riding the Radio Waves, a lesson plan from the TeachEngineering collection. This standards-aligned lesson teaches students "how AM radios work through basic concepts about waves and magnetic fields" and includes several demonstrations "to help students better understand these...

View Resource To the Best of Our Knowledge

To the Best of Our Knowledge is an hour-long, nationally-syndicated radio show and podcast "where long-form interviews lead us to dive headlong into the deeper end of ideas." This Peabody award-winning show began broadcasting in 2001 and is hosted by Anne Strainchamps, who co-founded the show with Steve Paulson. Each episode centers on a conversation-starting theme and interviews five or six...

View Resource Digital / Media / Arts: Using Sound to Tell Stories

Educators who are considering incorporating radio or podcasting into their curriculum may want to check out these course materials from Digital / Media / Arts (DMA). Here, readers will find a fully developed, semester-long curriculum that "introduces students to principles of sound design and techniques of audio production that they can use during the course...and in other media projects they...

View Resource UN Audiovisual Library

Throughout its history, the United Nations has produced thousands of multimedia materials, many of which are archived online in the UN Audiovisual Library. This resource provides public access to the UN's extensive audio, film, and video collections going back as far as the 1920s. These collections include over 200 UN radio classics, which features speeches by notable figures such as Maya Angelou,...