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View Resource Wiki Education

Instructors and scholars in a variety of disciplines may be interested in Wiki Education, a nonprofit organization that "connects higher education to Wikipedia, ensuring that the world's most read source of information is more representative, accurate, and complete." Wiki Education offers multiple programs and initiatives to suit a range of needs and audiences. For example, their classroom...

View Resource interviews with invertebrates

The webcomic interviews with invertebrates is the brainchild of Sasha Seroy, a doctoral student studying the effects of environmental changes on predator-prey interactions in marine invertebrates at the University of Washington's School of Oceanography. Here, readers will find fifty (as of this writing) entertaining and educational comics primarily featuring marine invertebrates, such as pyrosomes...

View Resource National Museum of Women in the Arts: Educator Resources & Guides

The National Museum of Women in the Arts (NWMA) in Washington, D.C., "seeks to inspire dynamic exchanges about art and ideas" through its focus on women artists. As part of this, the NWMA provides several thorough educator's guides, each developed in conjunction with past exhibitions at the museum. Each guide is downloadable as a PDF, and in them, readers will find digital images, lesson plans,...

View Resource Greene Street: A Long History of a Short Block

New York University's Development Research Institute (DRI) has created this fascinating "interactive documentary" where viewers can explore four centuries of development history on one block of Greene Street in what is known today as New York City's Soho neighborhood. Here, readers will find a richly detailed multimedia presentation guiding viewers through Greene Street's incredibly varied...

View Resource Flowing Data: What Makes People the Most Happy

From FlowingData (featured in the 1-22-2016 Scout Report) comes "What Makes People the Most Happy," published in June 2018. Here, statistician Nathan Yau analyzes "a corpus of 100,000 happy moments" created when researchers at MIT, the University of Tokyo, and Recruit Institute of Technology asked 10,000 people to each list 10 happy moments. Yau used natural language processing to break the...