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View Resource Strange Horizons

Readers who enjoy discovering new science fiction, fantasy, and other forms of speculative fiction should pay Strange Horizons a visit, where they will find a weekly digital magazine focused on speculative fiction. Founded in 2000 by Mary Anne Mohanraj, Strange Horizons is a non-profit magazine that "publish[es] fiction, poetry, reviews, essays, interviews, roundtable discussions, and art," as...

View Resource What the If?

What if humans were cold-blooded like reptiles? What if the Earth got too close to a black hole? What if the speed of light were only four miles per hour? These are just a few of the questions explored on What the If?, a podcast that envisions science fiction scenarios and uses real science to follow them to their logical conclusion. Launched in 2017, What the If? is hosted by Philip Shane, a...

View Resource A Basic Science Fiction Library

Literature instructors thinking of adding science fiction to their curriculum, librarians, and readers looking to familiarize themselves with the science fiction canon should check out this resource provided by the Gunn Center for the Study of Science Fiction. Here, visitors will find an extensive list of books and their authors representing "the foundational and important novels of science...

View Resource Powering the Future: Energy Resources in Science Fiction and Fantasy

In September 2019, the open-access peer-reviewed journal Open Library of Humanities published this special collection of academic articles discussing the depiction of energy resources in various works of science fiction and fantasy. The collection features seven scholarly essays exploring a range of futuristic fictional worlds where energy concerns loom large, "demonstrat[ing] that novel and...

View Resource Teachers of Evidence-Based Health Care

Health care educators, students, and professionals in search of teaching and learning materials may be interested in Teachers of Evidence-Based Health Care. Launched in October 2018, this project offers visitors a large open-access database of educational materials, which it refers to as the Critical Appraisal Resources Library (CARL) database. Visitors can easily search the database from the main...