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View Resource A Street Near You

First launched in 2017, A Street Near You provides a comprehensive database that "explore[s] the local legacy of the First World War." This resource contains "nearly 500,000 location records for 410,000 men and women who died whilst serving in the First World War," and displays them on an interactive map that allows users to see how the War affected countries and communities alike. The site allows...

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View Resource The Way I See It

Art lovers and art historians may enjoy The Way I See It. This audio and video series from the Museum of Modern Art in New York features "leading creative thinkers" (writers, actors, activists, and more) discussing a piece from the Museum that speaks to them. Interviewees analyze the complex meanings and emotions that the pieces encompass, wrestling with the dichotomy of anger and joy. The series...

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View Resource The Pathogen Tracker Game

The Pathogen Tracker Game is perfect for science teachers seeking a hands-on activity to demonstrate the power of pathogens. The game was created and launched by Cornell's SciCentr, with educational resources produced by science teacher Mimi Cooper and fellow researchers. The goal of the game is to demonstrate the effects of "foodborne illnesses and how online databases can help track down the...

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View Resource SciLine

Need an expert source for a story, but not sure where to find them? A branch of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, SciLine provides "timely access to trustworthy, articulate experts...[on] science-related issues," by connecting journalists and field experts. Journalists can navigate to the online request form by selecting the "I Need an Expert" button in the For Journalists...

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View Resource Diverse Voices in Science Journalism

Diverse Voices in Science Journalism, a collection by The Open Notebook (TON), explores questions too often unasked in science journalism, such as "What's it like to report on science in a language that doesn't have a word for science?" This resource is guided by the principle that "our personal experiences, backgrounds, and circumstances inevitably color the way we tell stories," and seeks to...

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