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BBC: Human Body & Mind

The BBC has created this fine site to provide the curious visitor with a plethora of insights into the relationship between the human body and mind. In the Body section, visitors can take on a number of fun challenges in order to learn more about the muscles, skeleton, and the nervous system. Moving on, The Mind area contains a range of self-guided surveys that explore human emotion, memory...
Witness: Black History

The BBC World Service's Witness program offers a unique insight into the American civil rights era, focusing on important events in Black History. This special feature provides thirty-three free and downloadable podcast interviews of individuals that were present during hallmark events in history, such as Martin Luther King's 'I Have a Dream" speech and The Freedom Riders protests. Listeners have...
BBC NEWS: Americas: Country Profiles

For social studies teachers - or anyone fascinated by the politics and culture of the Americas - the BBC has assembled this compendium of profiles for every nation in North and South America. From Argentina to Venezuela, the material here is sure to provide fuel for lectures, discussions, readings, homework, and other classroom assignments. Comprehensive in scope, the profiles are well written and...
Cross Continents: Syria's Secret Library

This episode of BBC's radio documentary series Crossing Continents takes listeners to Darayya, a Syrian city that has been devastated by the daily violence of war. Darayya is also home to an extraordinary project: an underground library comprised of books that people have collected and, oftentimes, salvaged from buildings and homes destroyed by bombs. As of the show's July 2016 recording, the...
BBC News: "Our Saturn Years"

On Friday, September 15th, the nearly twenty-year-long Cassini-Huygens mission came to an end when the probe sent into space by NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) completed a "death dive" into Saturn's atmosphere. Over the past thirteen years, Cassini has captured spectacular images and revealed previously unknown facts about the planet along with its rings and moons. BBC News has created...