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Test the Nation: The National IQ Test

Who is the weakest link? Or, rather, just how many are there? And where do they come from? Test the Nation, Britain's largest mass IQ test set about to answer those questions and more on May 11th of this year. Administered online to some 90,000 residents of the UK (and still available for those who missed out), the test put visitors through the usual rigors of intelligence testing. The Test the Nation Web site discloses how the nation did as a whole, with further breakdowns by region, age, and other variables. Curious, the map of Britain's intelligence, as determined by the test, clearly demonstrates that the South far outdid the North where brute IQ is concerned. Whether one accepts such results or not, the site provides much food for thought, discussion and, almost certainly, an argument or two. Presented by the BBC, the site doesn't stop with simple presentations on the national IQ test, but also offers other interesting studies and reports, with subjects probing various areas of intelligence testing and all that has been made of it. A short list of some of the titles presented include: What sex is your brain?, Birth weight and intelligence, and The Language of the brain. To round off it offerings, the site also links to MENSA.
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Date Issued [2002-]
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