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Hosted by Pelican Media, a nonprofit film production organization, this intriguing website introduces a flock of wild parrots that make their home in San Francisco. The site was created by Mark Bittner, a local resident who has been studying, and interacting with, the parrots since 1990. Bittner recently authored a book entitled _The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill_, which documents his experiences with the flock. The parrot flock is primarily composed of the species Aratinga erythrogenys, commonly known as the cherry-headed conure. The website contains short bios and photographs of 17 birds that Bittner has identified and named. The site also contains a brief history of parrot flocks in San Francisco, FAQs, and short journal entries chronicling Bittner's interactions with the parrot flock during the past few years. The website is not too deep yet, but once Bittner's book sales slow down, he intends to add considerable additions to the site.
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