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The Engines of Our Ingenuity

This website is from the public radio program The Engines of Our Ingenuity, which has been airing on the radio from the University of Houston for 20 years. The radio show is about the human inventiveness that informs our culture and it's no wonder the program has been on the air for so long, as such a topic seems inexhaustible. Because the show is only available on 30 public radio stations, using the website may be the only way some fans can hear each episode. Visitors can find the latest episode next to "Click here for the newest Engines episode" on the homepage. From there visitors will be transported to a page that contains a transcript of the episode along with a link at the top of the page which will allow visitors to hear the episode by John Lienhard. Not only do visitors get a written version and an audio version, they also get photos pertaining to the topic, links to sites that provide further information on certain aspects of the topic, and in some cases, diagrams and charts further illustrating the episode's topic. On the homepage the visitor can also find a list of all the stations that broadcast the show. On the homepage there are links to "Engines Transcripts" and "Full Titles of Episodes, With Keywords." For the latter link, click on the number next to the episode to be taken to the audio version of the episode, as well as the transcript of it, and any accompanying links, graphs, photos, and diagrams. There are over 2000 episodes, so no visitor should be left wanting.
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