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StatPlanet Map Maker 2.2

Interested in making a map? Well, StatPlanet may be just the ticket for first-timers who would like to do just that. The application is an interactive data visualization and mapping tool used by a range of international organizations and universities for a variety of purposes. Visitors can use data on over 250 world development indicators to create interactive maps, graphs, and charts. The program also contains an extensive help file and a tutorial. The installed version is compatible with computers running Windows 95 and newer, and the web-based version requires Adobe Flash Player (version 9) and supports Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.
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Date of Scout Publication 2010-04-09
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Subject: StatPlanet Map Maker 2.2
Posted By: InfoVoyager
Date Posted: 4/10/10 4:56am
I find this site absolutely fascinating because there's such a whole lot you can do with it and the processing tools it offers. I was particularly wary of where the graphs derived their data from. It's all WHO and similar bodies. Great resource in addition to what OECD puts online. I strongly recommend it and applaud The Scout staff for stellar work.