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National Geographic: Seven Things to Know About Climate Change

National Geographic recently created this series of infographics and animations designed to help viewers understand and visualize the causes and effects of global climate change. Collectively, these visualizations recently garnered a 2018 Webby award for Best Data Visualization. In the first of these animations, visitors can view how the average annual temperature has changed between the years 1905 through 2016. In this visualization, each year is represented by a dot. Each dot is color-coded to represent how the average temperature of that year compares with the average temperature of the whole twentieth century: years that were colder than this century-long average are colored blue, while warmer years are colored red. In addition, dots are shaded to reveal how much warmer (or colder) each year has been as compared to the twentieth-century mean temperature. As this visualization reveals, every single year after 1976 has exhibited above-average temperatures. Other visualizations in this series are designed to help viewers visualize the impact of global warming on natural disasters and species extinction.
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