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Some tracking software monitors users simply by encoding tracking tokens as part of the URL on which users click. These tokens serve no purpose other than tracking and can frequently be removed with no ill effects. Among the most common of these tokens are the Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) tokens. These were initially popularized by Google Analytics predecessor, Urchin. Currently, they are used by a number of other tracking tools including Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and others. The Tracking Token Stripper is a browser extension that detects these tokens and removes them from URLs prior to loading a page. Not only does this help to defeat user tracking, it also results in shorter and "more aesthetically-pleasing" URLs. Tracking Token Stripper is a free software, distributed under the MIT License, with source code available on GitHub. Tracking Token Stripper is available for Google Chrome via the Chrome Web Store and for Firefox via Firefox Add-ons.
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