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Phantom Islands - A Sonic Atlas

The term "phantom island" refers to an island that appeared on historical maps (sometimes for many years) even though it doesn't exist. Most phantom islands emerged from the era of European sea exploration and colonization. Phantom Islands - A Sonic Atlas is a project by sound artist Andrew Pekler that pairs original sound recordings with 27 phantom islands. This project was created for the French Museum Jeu de Paume for its exhibit "Fourth Worlds: Imaginary Ethnographies in Sound and Music." Each of these islands is placed according to its coordinates on historical maps. Visitors can explore these individual islands by either taking a "cruise" or by navigating with their cursor. As one visits each island, they will hear a unique soundscape and can read about the island's history, including the date of the island's first and last appearance in print. The earliest phantom island included on this journey is the island of Taprobana, which appeared in Ptolemy's Geography in 150 CE. As the accompanying description on this atlas notes, "The inhabitants of Taprobana are at various times described as possessing forked tongues, being able to navigate the flight of birds, and having one giant foot from which they shade themselves from the sun." Other islands included in this project include Frisland, Fonseca, and Bermeja.
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