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Elvish is an interactive shell and scripting language with an emphasis on user-friendliness and manipulation of structured data. In contrast to more traditional shells, where pipelines can only carry unstructured text, pipelines in Elvish can also carry list, maps, and other rich data types. The built-in "from-json" command is particularly useful for consuming data from a JSON-producing API (e.g., from DPLA, GitHub, Wikidata, and so on). The Powerful Pipelines tab on the Elvish homepage contains an example of parsing a GitHub JSON issue feed to produce a summary of recent issues. To aid with ease of use, Elvish includes interactive command completion features and also an integrated file manager. It also incorporates a directory history feature similar to utilities like autojump, z, or fasd. The integrated file manager uses a Miller columns layout reminiscent of the macOS file browser or UNIX tools like ranger, rover, or nnn. Elvish is free software, available under the BSD license, with source code on GitHub. Pre-built executables are available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
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