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SystemRescueCd is a bootable live environment for administration and recovery of computers after especially messy system crashes. Included in the environment are utilities for repairing damaged partition tables, accessing and debugging errors on common filesystems, recovering data from failing storage devices, creating disk images, performing hardware diagnostics, and more. Some familiarity with basic UNIX concepts and command-line tools will be helpful to make use of the tools on the SystemRescueCd. The manual on the project website includes a number of introductory articles and a quick start guide for users who may be less familiar with these sorts of tools. Also included are step-by-step guides such as "Backup data from an unbootable Windows computer," "Secure deletion of data," and "Repairing a damaged Grub" (Grub is the most common Linux boot loader). As it is a Linux-based live environment, SystemRescueCd can be run on nearly any computer with an Intel or AMD processor. Instructions are provided for creating a bootable CD or a USB stick.
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