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From the folks behind the popular YouTube channel SciShow (featured in the 8-29-2014 Scout Report) comes SciShow Space, an educational and entertaining video series dedicated to "explor[ing] the universe a few minutes at a time." The channel tackles all manner of space-related topics, ranging from pop culture-inspired questions like "Could the Firefly Universe Exist?" to explanations of "How Tech Designed for Space Is Saving Lives on Earth." SciShow Space also regularly updates its viewers on the latest astronomy research through its weekly Space News videos, which recently covered and explained topics such as: "We Found Water on a Habitable Zone Exoplanet," and "A Baby Planet May Have Once Smashed Into Jupiter." In addition to Space News and the channel's other weekly feature, Space Dose, its home page offers several playlists of older videos that may also be of interest. These include Great Minds, which highlights the contributions of scientists like Katherine Johnson and Robert Goddard, and What's It Like On..., which explores other worlds such as the planet Neptune and its largest moon, Triton. Launched in April 2014, SciShow Space is hosted by Hank Green, Caitlin Hofmeister, and Reid Reimers.
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