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OstroSoft Internet Tools 4

You're trying to browse through your favorite site, but the pages are loading at a snail's pace. Has the site caught the fancy of the world at large and been overwhelmed with users? Is your ISP trying to pinch pennies and sign up more customers than their network can support? Or is the problem somewhere else? With Traceroute, one of the utilities in OstroSoft's Internet Tools 4 package, you'll finally be able to answer those questions. Traceroute shows you all of the links between a given site and your computer, and allows you to identify the delay by displaying how long it takes to get to each link in the chain. Also included are Netstat, which shows you information about active connections on your computer; Network Info, which can tell you who the owner on record is for a network and how to contact him or her; and a number of other valuable and interesting network- and Internet-related utilities. A few similar programs, like a version of traceroute, are available on newer MS Windows machines as part of the operating system software. However, they are limited and difficult to use compared with those included in OstroSoft's Internet Tools. The Internet Tools package requires Windows 95, 98, or NT; a Pentium processor; 32 MB of RAM; and 20 MB of disk space. It is available as a shareware product and costs $29.95 to register. There is also a freeware package available from the site called Localhost that offers a limited subset of OtraSoft's Internet Tools.
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