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The Deep Sea

Produced by "creative coder" Neal Agarwal, The Deep Sea, "an interactive visualization of the ocean," takes users on an educational and entertaining journey into marine depths. It is a long scroll from the surface to the "deepest point in the ocean reached by humans," but with over one million views, users have certainly found the virtual journey worthwhile. In the first 100 meters, readers will encounter recognizable creatures such as manatees and clownfish. Killer whales come into frame just past 100 meters, as do sea lions, bull sharks, and sea turtles as you approach "The Twilight Zone." At 332 meters you have made it to "the deepest [point] any human has ever scuba dived," an accolade achieved by Ahmed Gabr in 2014. You have probably heard of snow angels, but what about sea angels? You will discover these creatures in the mid-400s (spoiler alert, they are described as "majestic sea slugs that use wings to propel themselves,"). Fast forward to 3,800 meters for a quick history lesson as you reach the Titanic's "final resting place." Then, in 4,000s, search for the fangtooth fish (it looks as scary as it sounds). At the end of the journey, you will reach "Challenger Deep" – the deepest part of the ocean reached by humans, namely Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh, who journeyed nearly 11,000 meters below the water's surface in a submarine.
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