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Rsnapshot is a utility that maintains a set of automatically rotated backups. For example, it can be configured to keep hourly backups for the past day, daily backups for the past week, weekly backups for the past month, and monthly backups for the past year. The specific number and timing of backups is completely configurable by the user. In creating these backups, rsnapshot makes extensive use of hard links so that space is only consumed by files that changed between backups. Files that did not change between backups all refer to the same underlying data on the disk. In addition to backing up local drives, rsnapshot is also able to back up files from any remote system reachable via an SSH connection. The rsnapshot FAQ also provides an example of how a Linux machine running rsnapshot can serve as a central backup server for a network of Windows machines. Rsnapshot is free software, distributed under the GNU General Public License, with source code available on GitHub. Users of major Linux and BSD systems can find rsnapshot in their system's package manager. Users of macOS can install rsnapshot using MacPorts, Fink, or Nixpkgs. Windows users can install rsnapshot via Cygwin.
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