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Mercator: It's a Flat, Flat World

Maps do more than point people in the right direction; "geographical maps are a mirror of what we, humans, know about the world around us." Few individuals contributed more to the map-making field than groundbreaking cartographer Gerardus Mercator. This project examines Mercator's map-making breakthroughs and mistakes, while also recognizing his lasting legacy. After all, "Mercator's projection is still used for making nautical and aeronautical charts." The information is divided into four sections: Here Be Monsters, Mercator's Map, Flat Earth, and The Legacy of Atlas. Each section contains background information accompanied by interactive images and charts. The menu icon in the top left-corner allows users to skip to a chapter, rather than scrolling down the page. Additionally, readers can view the site in English or Russian (the globe icon at the top of the page makes this switch). Mercator: It's a Flat, Flat World was created by a team including authors Daria Donina and Timur Fekhretdinov and illustrator Anastasia Zotova. The project is also available in Russian (found under the globe icon in the top-left corner).
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Posted By: sunil
Date Posted: 11/13 5:41am