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View Resource EuroStemCell

This is an amazing site. It is produced by an organization that includes over 90 European stem cell and regenerative medicine research laboratories in an effort to engage the public about this exciting area of science. It contains multiple resources for educators, including all kinds of instructional materials for multiple educational levels, beautiful still images, excellent videos, and a comic...
View Resource All About Stem Cells

A flexible stem cell teaching tool that introduces stem cell science through creative group work and discussion. Includes activity cards, simple worksheets, poster templates and an activity guide with a whole host of suggestions for how to use the materials.Also available to order in print. Contains material for ages 12-14 as well as 15-19. The parent website has many more resources for other...
View Resource CB2E: Converting Cellulosic Biomass to Ethanol

In this flexible lab sequence, students convert cellulosic biomass sources, such as sawdust, straw, or cardboard into sugars and then ethanol. As biomass samples are pretreated, enzymatically digested, and fermented, students use glucose meters and ethanol probes to measure the key products of this chemical conversion. In the process, students can test predictions about which biomass sources and...

View Resource Texas Skill Standards Board (TSSB) Skill Standards

All biotech programs in Texas worked together to adopt the Texas Skill Standards. This project, in collaboration with the Texas Skill Standards Board (TSSB), was developed by five colleges with biotechnology programs that are recognized by the TSSB for integrating the biotechnology standards into their associate?s degrees. Those colleges include: Austin Community College (ACC), Collin County...

View Resource On the Path to a Career in the Lab

In this episode from Advanced Technological Education Television (ATETV), watch a Research Methods in Molecular Biology class where students learn that a "library" can contain something other than just books. Visitors can stream the video through the site, or download the video and its transcript. The video runs 3:28.