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View Resource Introduction to Biotechnology: Laboratory Manual [doc]

By Linnea Fletcher, Evelyn Goss, Patricia Phelps, and Angela Wheeler, this is the laboratory manual for an introductory biotechnology course. This 134-page Word document describes the basic skill necessary for the biotechnology laboratory, such as safety, mathematics, documentation, calibration, and equipment. Each chapter contains objectives for students to accomplish, some practice lessons and...

View Resource Biotechnology Books

Annotated bibliography of useful books related to biotechnology. This project was started by Jim Dekloe; although the list has not been updated since 2003, it is still useful. The topics covered here include general biotechnology books, bioinformatics and genome projects, immunology, food biochemistry, and many more. Bio-Link staff are currently revising this document (2010).

View Resource Genome Consortium for Active Teaching

The consortiumís mission is to bring functional genomic methods into undergraduate curriculum primarily through student research. As part of their mission, GCAT sponsors faculty workshops in DNA Microarrays and, more recently, Synthetic Biology. The consortium also provides a centralized chip reader to make microarray experiments more affordable and provides DNA chips for a variety of specie...

View Resource Digital World Biology

This website offers interactive tutorials, videos and instructional activities designed to help students explore how researchers use bioinformatic tools and biological data to make new discoveries. Tutorials include DNA Barcoding, Exploring how plants respond to drought using Microarrays, an introduction to molecular modeling software and a tutorial on database searching using Entrez. A Beginner's...

View Resource Computational Molecular Biology

This course companion website, from Douglas Brutlag of Stanford University's Computational Services and Bioinformatics Facility accompanies Computational Molecular Biology, a "practical, hands-on approach to the field of computational molecular biology." There is a weekly lecture video and slide presentations on topics including the Human Genome Project, Multiple Sequence Alignment, Gene...

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