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Upstream processing (1)
Using transgenic animals as production systems (2)

View Resource Starch Hydrolysis [pdf]

A significant proportion of the cornstarch derived from the wet milled process used for food goes into the fermentation of beer. To be useful to the breweries, it first has to be converted into dextrose or d-glucose. This is an example of down-stream processing; a raw material is isolated and used as a starting material in another process.

View Resource Overview of Biotechnology at the End of the 20th Century

Modern Biotechnology fuses biology with industrial processes. Here are some resources related to bioprocessing and fermentation from Sonia Wallman at New Hampshire Community Technical College.

View Resource Corn Wet Milling Lab [pdf]

Wet Corn Milling is an industrial process that that converts corn to a wide variety of by-products. The wet milling industry is the largest non-feed user of corn, using approximately 1 billion bushels annually. This lab looks at the separation steps in the industrial processing of corn.

View Resource Protein Purification Manual

This laboratory manual outlines the procedures for the purification of an enzyme, -galactosidase, from a strain of E. coli cells. Extracting and purifying this protein from E. coli will be a multi-step process, starting from cell paste of E. Coli, progressing through several separation methods, and ending with analysis and verification of the purified protein by polyacrylamide gel ...

View Resource BioPortal Canada

Canada is fast becoming a biotechnology hub, and the Canadian government has created this site as a clearinghouse of information both about biotechnology in general and about the various governmental strategies they have adopted in order to encourage development in this area. The materials on the site are divided into five sections: "BioGateway", "BioBasics", "BioStrategy", "BioRegulations", and...

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