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View Resource Biotechnology Books

Annotated bibliography of useful books related to biotechnology. This project was started by Jim Dekloe; although the list has not been updated since 2003, it is still useful. The topics covered here include general biotechnology books, bioinformatics and genome projects, immunology, food biochemistry, and many more. Bio-Link staff are currently revising this document (2010).

View Resource National Stem Cell Bank Protocols

The protocols in this section are the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) used for the production and testing of cell lines distributed by the NSCB (National Stem Cell Bank). Many of these SOPs may differ from the protocols WiCell teaches in their training courses due to the larger sized lots of hES cells distributed by the NSCB. The Basic NSCB hES Cell Culture Protocols (pdf) are written for...

View Resource Cell Culture Manuals

These manuals are used in the Stem Cell Culture Course at City College of San Francisco. This course is about general mammalian cell culture techniques but includes a laboratory exercise using stem cells (takes 3 weeks to complete). The course is taught to high school students but the materials are also used for college students. Laboratory exercises provide instruction in basic techniques of...

View Resource NC BioNetwork BioFlow 110 3D Training

BioNetwork's latest interactive e-learning tool features a 3D bioreactor that students can explore prior to participating in an on-campus laboratory exercise. The result is that students enter the lab better prepared to use the equipment. This is the BioNetwork BioFlow 110 3D Training. The BioFlow 110 is a bioreactor used to incubate cells on a laboratory scale. This module helps students...