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View Resource Biotechnology Skills Standards

Here is an assortment of Bioscience/Agricultural Biotechnology Skills Standards. We hope that they will be useful for development of new programs as well as for comparisons with existing programs. The sections discussed are: Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Skill Standards, Combined Bioscience/Agricultural Biotechnology Skill Standards, Agricultural Biotechnology Skill Standards, Bioscience...

View Resource Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Office of Biosafety

This site, from the Office of Safety, Health, and Environment of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, offers resources for "protecting workers and preventing exposures in biological laboratories." Here, visitors can find biosafety guidelines, information on symposia and conferences, and training through biosafety courses.

View Resource Flinn Scientific

Flinn Scientific is a leading source for science products, materials, and resources. This page presents free teacher resources in biology, chemistry, physical science, and earth science for middle school, high school, and community college educators. There are also a number of resource in safety, technology, and laboratory design.In addition, visitors will find information about Flinn's products...

View Resource University of Vermont Environmental Safety

The UVM Environmental Safety site presents news, information, and services to support health and safety of laboratory personnel. While some of the site is geared toward UVM researchers, there is plenty of free information about chemical safety, biosafety, and waste disposal useful to students, educators, and researchers across the country.

View Resource Vermont SIRI MSDS Collection

From Vermont Safety Information Resources, Inc., this searchable material safety data sheets collection can be searched by company or compound name. Visitors can also search for toxicology reports by chemical name, chemical trade name, or the CAS or RTECS number.

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