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View Resource DNA Extraction Virtual Lab

This virtual lab from the Genetic Science Learning Center at the University of Utah provides a simple overview of DNA extraction, including what it's used for, illustrations, and an activity using cheek cells and laboratory equipment to isolate DNA. The lab is followed by a classroom activity that allows students and teachers to Extract DNA from Anything Living, using household items like spinach...

View Resource Virtual Compound Microscope

Virtual Microscopy is a very handy online tool to learn how to use a microscope. The creator developed this tool in response to studentsí frustration in learning how to use microscopes. The virtual scope has all the same controls found on the real unit and the user can learn the parts of the microscope as well as how to adjust the different objectives, course and fine focus, and make ligh...

View Resource Ion Exchange Chromatography

This site, by Paul A. Craig of the Rochester Institute of Technology, explains ion exchange chromatography. It includes an overview of protein separation using ion exchange, an online simulation of the process, a link to a downloadable piece of software to run an ion exchange separation for Windows with accompanying homework assignment, a link to view three-dimensional models of protein...

View Resource Digital World Biology

This website offers interactive tutorials, videos and instructional activities designed to help students explore how researchers use bioinformatic tools and biological data to make new discoveries. Tutorials include DNA Barcoding, Exploring how plants respond to drought using Microarrays, an introduction to molecular modeling software and a tutorial on database searching using Entrez. A Beginner's...

View Resource Teachers' Domain: Biotechnology

WGBH Educational Foundation's Teachers' Domain site has this section dedicated to biotechnology. In it, visitors will find five sections: Applications, Careers, Concepts, Tools and Techniques, and one Lesson Plan. Each section contains interactive activities, presentations, and videos for high school or introductory college students on topical subjects such as epigenetics or DNA sequencing, on...

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