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Laboratory Manuals

View Resource Introduction to Biotechnology: Laboratory Manual [doc]

By Linnea Fletcher, Evelyn Goss, Patricia Phelps, and Angela Wheeler, this is the laboratory manual for an introductory biotechnology course. This 134-page Word document describes the basic skill necessary for the biotechnology laboratory, such as safety, mathematics, documentation, calibration, and equipment. Each chapter contains objectives for students to accomplish, some practice lessons and...

View Resource Protein Purification Manual

This laboratory manual outlines the procedures for the purification of an enzyme, -galactosidase, from a strain of E. coli cells. Extracting and purifying this protein from E. coli will be a multi-step process, starting from cell paste of E. Coli, progressing through several separation methods, and ending with analysis and verification of the purified protein by polyacrylamide gel ...

View Resource AgBioSafety: Education Center

Here, visitors will find a variety of curriculum on biotechnology, agriculture, and life sciences from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. There are also student projects, teacher-guided exercises, laboratory exercises, writing assignments, interactive learning, learning modules, and additional resources.

View Resource Laboratory Manual for Biotechnology and Laboratory Science: The Basics

Laboratory Manual for Biotechnology provides students with the basic laboratory skills and knowledge to pursue a career in biotechnology. The manual, written by four biotechnology instructors with over 20 years of teaching experience, incorporates instruction, exercises, and laboratory activities that the authors have been using and perfecting for years. These exercises and activities serve to...

View Resource Basic Laboratory Methods in a Regulated Environment

Biotechnology transforms knowledge that emerges from life science research into technology, the creation of products of value to people. Beginning biotechnology students therefore need to develop a strong foundation in laboratory science that is integrated with an understanding of product quality. This course provides students with a foundation in basic concepts and techniques necessary to work...

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