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View Resource Affymetrix: Educator Resources

Affymetrix offers a list of valuable resources for educators and students for learning more about genes and ethics. Resources include arrays for gene expression and DNA analysis, a searchable database of scientific publications, curricula, external resources, a student manual, a presentation on Whole Genome Analysis, and an image library.

View Resource Step by Step Tutorials for Selected Lab Activities

From Mike Zeller of Iowa State University's Office of Biotechnology, this site presents a number of tutorials for laboratory activities. The activities included here are: Using a Micropipettor, DNA Fingerprinting, DNA in My Food?, Fruit Cup DNA Extraction, High Sucrose Soybean Thin Layer Chromatography, Plasmid Isolation and Analysis, Recombinant DNA, and Transformation. All materials are...

View Resource Genetic Education Resources for Teachers

As genetics and genomics research advances rapidly through the knowledge gained from the completed human DNA sequence, teachers and educators require new classroom tools to present the rich history, complexity and excitement of the world of genetics and genomics. These teaching resources include specific teaching plans to present the history, facts and genetic terminology behind the Human Genome...

View Resource The Second Look Series

The Second Look series is a self-review and evaluation tool for persons who are about to take a histology quiz or exam. Histology (the study of the microscopic anatomy of cells and tissues of plants and animals) is a complex subject, but this fine resource is a concise way to review the important material. Developed as part of the University of Michigan's OpenCourseWare initiative, the materials...