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Skill Standards

View Resource Some Brief Comments About Skill Standards

These comments about the use of Industry Skill Standards in the Biotechnology Curriculum cover various federal- and state-funded initiatives to develop skill standards projects, and how they help to expose gaps in student knowledge as they move from school to the workforce. The comments conclude with a call for projects to continue to develop standards that encourage critical thought and...

View Resource Biotechnology Skills Standards

Here is an assortment of Bioscience/Agricultural Biotechnology Skills Standards. We hope that they will be useful for development of new programs as well as for comparisons with existing programs. The sections discussed are: Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Skill Standards, Combined Bioscience/Agricultural Biotechnology Skill Standards, Agricultural Biotechnology Skill Standards, Bioscience...

View Resource Online Resources for EDC/FFA Combined Biotechnology Skills Standards

These extensive web links have been collected for the Biotechnology Technician Skills Standards. This is a great starting place to find additional information useful for curriculum development. The standards discussed here are: Technical Communication Skills, Safety, Basic Laboratory Skills, Manufacturing and Production, Regulatory Compliance, Specific Laboratory Skills, Quality Assurance and...

View Resource Northeast Biomanufacturing Center and Collaborative

The goal of the Northeast Biomanufacturing Center and Collaborative is to form a self-sustaining regional alliance of community colleges working in collaboration with industry, education, professional associations and government to prepare a 21st century technical workforce for the Biopharmaceutical Biomanufacturing sector of the Biotechnology industry. Here, visitors will find links to...

View Resource Quality Control Microbiology

This two page PDF, created by the Northeast Biomanufacturing Center and Collaborative, discusses the key functions and tasks of a quality control technician (microbiology). The document focuses mostly on: the work compliance with both EH&S and cGMPS, the cleanliness and maintenance of production areas, maintaining effective communication, receiving and/or collecting samples, laboratory work,...

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