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View Resource Online Resources for EDC/FFA Combined Biotechnology Skills Standards

These extensive web links have been collected for the Biotechnology Technician Skills Standards. This is a great starting place to find additional information useful for curriculum development. The standards discussed here are: Technical Communication Skills, Safety, Basic Laboratory Skills, Manufacturing and Production, Regulatory Compliance, Specific Laboratory Skills, Quality Assurance and...

View Resource Solution Making [pdf]

The documents presented here as URLs are a selection from a larger course, offered at Madison Area Technical College, designed to improve the ability of students to complete the various types of math problems commonly encountered in the biotechnology laboratory. The content of the complete course is described in the flier on the final page of this document. This unit focuses on the...

View Resource Affinity Chromatography

Using exposition, graphics, and commercial videos, this module teaches the history, theory, and application of affinity chromatography in the characterization of proteins, nucleic acids, and other biochemical/biomedical systems. Problems and application examples support the tutorial material. The Theory sections also presents a helpful bibliography of further reading material.

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